I don’t like the word Feminism anymore !!

I used to call myself a Feminist. I would feel irritated by the so called prejudices we have to face in the name of tradition in the patriarchal society we live in. However, over the years, I have found it's the females who back bite a female. Whether it is marriage, home or office, the … Continue reading I don’t like the word Feminism anymore !!


Book Review : Two Rings later

Title : Two Rings Later Author : Sujil Chandra Bose Book Blurb : This is an unusual story, partly real and partly fiction. It is a story that moves around a young woman and three men around her. She is married to the first, living with the second and falls hopelessly in love with the … Continue reading Book Review : Two Rings later

Love they say!

Love they say catches you unawares! I kept waiting for it to catch me all my life, to fall in love with that special someone! I met that special someone and he promised me love for a lifetime! Those candle light dinners! Those expensive gifts! Those never ending messages and phone calls! Those lies just … Continue reading Love they say!

Kanjak Puja (Kanya Puja)

The kitchen had been cleaned night before. Next morning, food would be prepared for the "Goddess, Durga Ma" They had fasted all 8 days for the prosperity of the family. No onions, no garlic was touched in the 8 days. Anju had convinced her husband and son not to touch Alcohol and meat in these … Continue reading Kanjak Puja (Kanya Puja)

Book Review: Golden Rainbows by Balaka Basu

Title of the book : Golden Rainbows Author : Balaka Basu Published on Blogchatter E book Carnival, Season 3 The book " Golden Rainbows " is a collection of 26 short stories written by Blogger and author Balaka Basu. These stories were written as a part of A to Z Blogging Challenge in April 2018. … Continue reading Book Review: Golden Rainbows by Balaka Basu

A love story long ago

It was the year she turned 14 and Simran had her first taste of love. The innocence of it still leaves her smiling. He was going to complete his high school and she was a year junior to him. The Cupid stuck them at a wrong time, or may be that was the best time. … Continue reading A love story long ago

Book Review : The fragrance of True Love by Roma Gupta Sinha

Title of Book : The fragrance of True Love Author : Roma Gupta Sinha A simple sweet and one innocent love story. If you are tired of thrillers, the ever dramatic soap operas, and the current affairs of the country, this is the book to pick up. Roma Gupta Sinha is another blogger I met … Continue reading Book Review : The fragrance of True Love by Roma Gupta Sinha

She was not Our Responsibility.

Recap: A,  B, C, D, E, F, G,H, I , J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q I was not sure whether I wanted to tread that path. I had agreed to take the matter in my hands, because I wanted Akash to be away from her. More precisely, I wanted her away from my family. Morning, after Pihu left for school we had that conversation again. "Neha, think … Continue reading She was not Our Responsibility.

N for Nightmares

RECAP : A , B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M Dear Neha, It was easy to drown in negativity and blame everyone else for everything, but to stay positive was the biggest challenge. There were times, when pangs of pain would surround me and try to drown me again, but I had decided, I would not let myself drown now. Like any other … Continue reading N for Nightmares

Was it Glamour? Was it Game?

Recap One , Two , Three ,Four ,Five ,Six Hey Neha, Do you remember the first time we had met? It was on the road outside our college. We all had joined college a few days back, and were totally new to the medical world, to the college and the hostel life and also to the city. It was after college late in … Continue reading Was it Glamour? Was it Game?