The conversations

Sometimes I have these conversations in my head.Of you and me!And the universe conspiring.Of love and hatred,Of right and wrong,Of black and white,Of truth and lies,Of the reasons we were,And of the reasons we weren't.Of the love we had in our souls,And of the lust which broke us apart.Sometimes I have these images in my … Continue reading The conversations

Love they say!

Love they say catches you unawares! I kept waiting for it to catch me all my life, to fall in love with that special someone! I met that special someone and he promised me love for a lifetime! Those candle light dinners! Those expensive gifts! Those never ending messages and phone calls! Those lies just … Continue reading Love they say!

What is the gift you want ?

She brought him bouquet of flowers, Reds, whites and yellow, A box of rum chocolates to share, Delighted she was! She thought it was a surprise! He kept looking around As if waiting for some more, She came closer to him to give him the parting kiss and hug! He finally smiled, That was all … Continue reading What is the gift you want ?

Random Musings

बहुत दिन से दिल में एक बात रुकी सी है! बहुत दिन से दिल में ये कसक सी है! तुम रूठ जाते तो हम मना भी लेते!तुम तो बिना बताये हम से यूँ दूर हो गये!तुम डाँट कर अपना हक़ जता भी लेते!तुम तो बस यूँ ही शान्त हो गाए!एक बार हम से कहा तो … Continue reading Random Musings


Only if you would have confessed, The pain could have been easily endured! All the while, you were so clammed up, You saw me in distress! What you did, you had no reasons! When you did, elated you were! Yet when you realized, fear crept in. You were scared I would go! Your betrayal hurt … Continue reading Confessions

Far away from the maddening crowd

  Oh little girl! what are you thinking? I am thinking of the sun kissed beaches, My feet getting soaked in sand and sea, My senses dancing to the music of waves and breeze. Oh little one! what's on your mind? My mind is filled with thoughts of greens! Lushgreen forests, with shades of red … Continue reading Far away from the maddening crowd