The Saga of a Smartphone!

“If you have never been hated by your child, you have never been a parent.” Bette Davis My first mobile phone was in 2002; a Nokia 3315, which was purchased from my internship stipend savings and from the monthly allowance that my parents used to send me. The purchase was born out of the need … Continue reading The Saga of a Smartphone!

Book Review : It’s Trevor Noah : Born a Crime

This book was a gift from me to my son last year when I had travelled alone for a training. I had purchased this from an airport shop in Cochin, India. My son is an avid reader and he always asks us to buy him books. He's usually into fantasy and Young adult fiction, so … Continue reading Book Review : It’s Trevor Noah : Born a Crime

Book Review : I didn’t expect to be expecting by Richa S Mukherjee

I came across Richa during A2Z Blogging 2019. I saw the title "I didn't expect to be expecting" and made a mental note to read it once the A2Z was over. However, I got engaged in some professional development and was busy studying medicine for the next couple of months. I started reading it 3 … Continue reading Book Review : I didn’t expect to be expecting by Richa S Mukherjee

Ahoi Ashtmi

This is another fast similar to the much famed karva chauth. Fortunately, not much of propaganda for this day, because niether YashRaj or Karan johar films popularised it, and secondly females will be up in arms against husbands or in-laws but never against their children. Quite similar to the famed cousin, this fast is kept … Continue reading Ahoi Ashtmi

Yin and Yang

"I am a mother of a single child and he is a boy." Now the above statement would draw flak even from so called liberalists and even feminists. "Without a girl child, a family is never perfect." "One child ! That's never good! You should have two." I drew lots of criticism from friends and … Continue reading Yin and Yang

X – EXAM Fever

"Exams" How many examinations have you given? Does anyone remember? Right from the day we entered school, we had exams. I remember vaguely, unit tests, terminals and then final exams all throughout the school years. Board exams at 10th and 12th, followed by innumerable entrance exams for that one prestigious seat meant for you. After … Continue reading X – EXAM Fever

W – Teaching Children not to Waste

The last few alphabets are the most difficult in A2Z Challenge. Towards the end, you just drag on because you have posted till "V" and you can't just quit now, when it's just last 4 alphabets. So, as soon as I finished writing for V, my mind was on an auto pilot for W. I … Continue reading W – Teaching Children not to Waste

V – The Virtual life

When I was small, life was governed by, "What others would say?" "Our name will get maligned!" And I grew up hating these kind of sentences. Why should I care about what others say? That single sentence gave rise to the rebel in me. My mother still worries a lot about others opinions while I … Continue reading V – The Virtual life