Wash away your Worries !

There was a life before covid, where the mantra was work, earn and then enjoy. I would love travelling and now it has been more than 1.5 years and I have not stepped inside an airplane. Even though many of my friends have travelled back to India, i am more scared to get that swab … Continue reading Wash away your Worries !

The Sounds of Silence

Hospitals especially ICUs are usually dreaded places. Dim lights, curtains over each bed, the sounds of monitors, the frenzied activity in one corner or the other usually are enough to scare anyone. The lone person lying on the bed, with multiple lines and tubing attached to him. Some who are more sick will have a … Continue reading The Sounds of Silence

Pandemic that exposed the healthcare

Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic and the words now so commonly used were for a large part restricted to the definitions we had to memorize for the exam of Preventive and Social Medicine ( PSM )as we used to call it. 15 years back, it seemed that science had conquered microbes and what we had were the … Continue reading Pandemic that exposed the healthcare

Is the Doomsday Near !

Covid 19 /nCoV / Coronavirus is not a news anymore. The tiny Virus which most people thought would affect Chinese only has long traveled the world, reaching every nook and corner. No country, race, religion or gender has been spared. Darwin's "Survival of the fittest" is understood more by these tiny organisms. Whenever any bacteria … Continue reading Is the Doomsday Near !