R – The Reading Habit

Born to teachers, living in the vicinity of a postgraduate college library, books have been my best friends. Call me eccentric, call me nerd, it does not matter. I do read almost 5-6 books each month, despite being a full time doctor, wife and a working mom. One of my colleagues gave me a 200 … Continue reading R – The Reading Habit

Q – Do not Quit

There are times in your life when whatever you do seems to backfire. The little child who would make you laugh on his antics is no longer little. He does not listen to you anymore and it seems he's slipping away from you. The house which resonated with laughters, now hears only loud volumes and … Continue reading Q – Do not Quit

P – Flexible Parenting

What kind of household did you grow in? Imagine the scenario! A child is going to appear for his boards in a months time and wants to go to a friends house after school, in order to study together. 1. "No, you cannot go to your friends house after school. Come back and study. Exams … Continue reading P – Flexible Parenting

O – Don’t Overprotect

Remember that feeling when you hold your baby for the 1st time. They seem so small, tiny and fragile, and within that one moment all apprehensions, all worries become transfixed at protecting and nurturing this little soul. That's when a parent is born. Everything from then on is about them, when to feed them, when … Continue reading O – Don’t Overprotect

N – Are you a Nagging parent?

Parent: Enough of screen time! Get up and finish your homework now ! 😡 Child: Just 5 minutes Mom ! The video is about to end. 10 minutes later (A louder volume) Parent: Get up now ! Your whole homework is pending and you are sitting in front of this idiot box. You are definitely … Continue reading N – Are you a Nagging parent?

H is for Happy Kids

Is it important for a person to be happy or successful? The answer to this question would be a unanimous "Happy". However, when it comes to inculcating values, no one ever tells you that your happiness is of utmost importance. We are taught to be generous, kind, helpful, giving. Our schools teach us skills to … Continue reading H is for Happy Kids

G is for Gratitude

The week one was hectic, daily posting, and readings and I've been pretty lagging on the latter. For week 1, I took you through A to F, and today we start with G. G for me stands for gratitude. When I was researching this topic, I used many search words, "Grateful parents" "Gratitude towards Children". … Continue reading G is for Gratitude

E is for Raising kids with Empathy

Empathy The ability to understand the feeling of others. My son is a blessed child. When he was small, my mother in law left her job and stepped forward to take care of him and she was with us all through the first 10 years of his life. While other working parents have to worry … Continue reading E is for Raising kids with Empathy

D is for Dads

Disclaimer: I respect single Moms / single Dads and hats off to them for managing it all singlehandedly. I do not mean to hurt their sentiments, and I apologize if inadvertently I may have written something. A typical Indian patriarchal family scenario. Father goes to work. Mother too goes to work. Father has his way … Continue reading D is for Dads

C is for Conversations

When was the last time you sat with your child and had a meaningless conversation? When had you together laughed loud over a tongue twister or a wardrobe malfunction? When I say "Meaningless", I know I would have many eyebrows up against me. The best time me and my son have are those meaningless conversations. … Continue reading C is for Conversations