The Wedding

This is Part 1 of series starting today. Please follow it on my wordpress or on my Facebook page The vagabond. She thought she would be happy, yet now when the evening was coming close, she was afraid. She was anxious and couldn’t get over the panic she felt in her heart. She wanted … Continue reading The Wedding


Tradition" We need a traditional marriage." Both of the parents echoed their voices."It's a waste of money and resources." We both chirped in.Ever since we had decided to tie the knot, their had been a tussle between the new and old.I and my fiancé wanted a simple marriage with minimum of fuss. Our reasons were … Continue reading Tradition

Infedilty and Indian culture

Richa is a successful doctor in a big corporate hospital in New Delhi, India. She was married to Prateek, who was also a very successful doctor in another big corporate hospital of New Delhi, India. They had a love cum arranged marriage and lived in a joint family. Sakshi was their only child and they both … Continue reading Infedilty and Indian culture