F is for Friends

Who does not need Friends? I was shy and introvert, hence grew up almost in isolation. I always had only one or two friends and that too I would take eternity to be friends. I can count them on my finger tips even now. I was different, did not easily mingle with everyone and my … Continue reading F is for Friends

Book Review : How to walk away by Katherine Center

Title : How to walk Away Author : Katherine Center Available as Hardcover Rs 1558 Kindle Rs 227.50 Paperback Rs 724 Audio CD Rs 3,135. Story : Margaret is a hardworking girl who has always lived her life by the rules her mother has set for her. On the most anticipated evenings of her life, … Continue reading Book Review : How to walk away by Katherine Center

Valentine’s Day

Come February, and the malls, social media are galore with hearts, red roses and everything associated with love. You cannot naturally stay unaffected. I remember as a kid, I would read in newspaper about this being a day of love, a western propaganda and couples being thrashed by police. As I go back the memory … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

That morning !

"One more kiss" she lazily peeped from her blankets. Sam was already completely dressed up, dressed to conquer the world. Sneha was laid back, lazy some might say. She was content with her life and didn't have great ambitions professionally. There was a time when she was still a student, she had big dreams. As … Continue reading That morning !

WOW: “Today Is Your Last Day On Earth”

Tring Tring! I didn't know how long my phone had been ringing. Pissed over disturbing my sleep, like an angry bird i picked up the call. By the way, It was my husband. "Wake up my sweetheart, don't waste last day on the earth sleeping." "Last day on earth! Are you drunk?"I replied with a … Continue reading WOW: “Today Is Your Last Day On Earth”

The New Age Dads

I stopped endorsing Days especially those celebrated on Social media long back. But today seeing so many posts on Fathers Day, a thought came across my mind. We always talk about how things changed for females when they moved out of kitchens confines. How now they have to juggle home and office, career and kids? … Continue reading The New Age Dads

The BoardRoom

12 weeks .. 12 weeks was the time given to him to bring the profits up. He had tried every marketing strategy he and his team could come up with. Healthcare no longer remained a patient - doctor profession. It had become another business with cut throat competition. He had tried to lure doctors with … Continue reading The BoardRoom

Book Review : The fragrance of True Love by Roma Gupta Sinha

Title of Book : The fragrance of True Love Author : Roma Gupta Sinha A simple sweet and one innocent love story. If you are tired of thrillers, the ever dramatic soap operas, and the current affairs of the country, this is the book to pick up. Roma Gupta Sinha is another blogger I met … Continue reading Book Review : The fragrance of True Love by Roma Gupta Sinha


  Recap : A ,B ,C ,D ,E ,F,G ,H ,I ,J ,K ,L ,M ,N ,O ,P ,Q ,R ,S ,T ,U ,V ,W ,X ,Y   We had returned from Iceland a few month back. It was the trip of a lifetime. We did see the Northern lights and were amazed by them. Pihu had already been asking when and where the next trip will be. We had decided, that we will take such holiday every few … Continue reading Zenith

Young forever

Recap : A ,B ,C ,D ,E ,F ,G ,H ,I ,J ,K ,L ,M ,N ,O ,P ,Q ,R ,S ,T ,U ,V ,W ,X A year back I had been wailing in depression. I had lost all hope that I would be ever happy. Now when I looked back over the days gone by, I understood how a small change in my perspective had made my life beautiful and happy. Sometimes, the answers are all … Continue reading Young forever