Recap : A ,B , C ,D ,E ,F ,G, H, I,K, L ,M, N ,O ,P ,Q ,R ,S ,T     It had been almost 6 months, since I had ran away. Life had started falling back to a routine. I had made much progress, and no longer obsessed over what had passed. I would think about it sometimes, but would not let it depress me anymore. The storm had passed... Continue Reading →

I was always Dreamer!

FOR THE STORY BEFORE CLICK HERE 1, 2,3 Hey Neha! The last 72 hours made me look back on me from outside. I had always been a Dreamer, an escapist, a die-hard romantic and I forgot that life is not a fairy tale. Life is a struggle, and you have to live it, fight it and get... Continue Reading →

What is the gift you want ?

She brought him bouquet of flowers, Reds, whites and yellow, A box of rum chocolates to share, Delighted she was! She thought it was a surprise! He kept looking around As if waiting for some more, She came closer to him to give him the parting kiss and hug! He finally smiled, That was all... Continue Reading →

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