Book Review : How to walk away by Katherine Center

Title : How to walk Away Author : Katherine Center Available as Hardcover Rs 1558 Kindle Rs 227.50 Paperback Rs 724 Audio CD Rs 3,135. Story : Margaret is a hardworking girl who has always lived her life by the rules her mother has set for her. On the most anticipated evenings of her life, … Continue reading Book Review : How to walk away by Katherine Center


Recap : A ,B , C ,D ,E ,F ,G, H, I,K, L ,M, N ,O ,P ,Q ,R ,S ,T     It had been almost 6 months, since I had ran away. Life had started falling back to a routine. I had made much progress, and no longer obsessed over what had passed. I would think about it sometimes, but would not let it depress me anymore. The storm had passed … Continue reading University

I was always Dreamer!

FOR THE STORY BEFORE CLICK HERE 1, 2,3 Hey Neha! The last 72 hours made me look back on me from outside. I had always been a Dreamer, an escapist, a die-hard romantic and I forgot that life is not a fairy tale. Life is a struggle, and you have to live it, fight it and get … Continue reading I was always Dreamer!

What is the gift you want ?

She brought him bouquet of flowers, Reds, whites and yellow, A box of rum chocolates to share, Delighted she was! She thought it was a surprise! He kept looking around As if waiting for some more, She came closer to him to give him the parting kiss and hug! He finally smiled, That was all … Continue reading What is the gift you want ?

Fairy Tales – 1

She grew up reading Cinderella, snow white and Thumbelina. For every girl in distress, came a prince who would love her and decode all the disorder in her life. And they lived happily ever after!Only thing, she did not know what ever happily ever after meant! Coz known of the stories told anything beyond that. … Continue reading Fairy Tales – 1

Far away from the maddening crowd

  Oh little girl! what are you thinking? I am thinking of the sun kissed beaches, My feet getting soaked in sand and sea, My senses dancing to the music of waves and breeze. Oh little one! what's on your mind? My mind is filled with thoughts of greens! Lushgreen forests, with shades of red … Continue reading Far away from the maddening crowd