N for Nightmares

RECAP : A , B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M Dear Neha, It was easy to drown in negativity and blame everyone else for everything, but to stay positive was the biggest challenge. There were times, when pangs of pain would surround me and try to drown me again, but I had decided, I would not let myself drown now. Like any other … Continue reading N for Nightmares

M for Memories

RECAP : A, B, C, D, E, F,G, H,I,J,K, L Dear Neha, The mind is a strange thing, the more I struggled to forget, the more they would cling back to me. I had finally realised that if I wanted the family I had to move on. Coming back to Akash was not easy, neither was going away from him. I had … Continue reading M for Memories

Would Love be enough?

Recap : A , B ,C , D, E ,F , G, H,I, J, K Dear Akash, I do not know where do I start from. I do not even know what to decide. I do believe you and trust you. I know you will never do any such thing again. I have seen you change in last two years, and that's what makes my decision more difficult. … Continue reading Would Love be enough?


RECAP     A , B , C ,D , E, F,G, H ,I, J Dear Neha, You are a little better today. The cast around your leg is going to stay another couple of weeks. You are worried about it, but Pihu is overjoyed as he will have you at home each day. I saw you smile at something in the morning.Was it Pihu signing on … Continue reading Kaledioscope

The Jagged Sea

Recap: A ,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I Dear Neha, I am the one who should have been punished, but instead you are the one who suffers every time. I do not know what to believe in anymore.  I have not left this room ever since they brought you hear. Seeing you so weak and in pain, I am thinking of the … Continue reading The Jagged Sea

You have always been my Inspiration

Recap : One, Two ,Three , Four, Five , Six , Seven Dear Neha, You came back, but still you are not with us. Last night, I got a call from the Central Hospital! The cab you had taken home, met with an accident. On my way to hospital, I kept praying for you.  When I reached hospital, I saw you unconscious. You had multiple … Continue reading You have always been my Inspiration

Home is where the Heart is!

If you missed the story before One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Hey Neha! This morning I woke and found two mails in my Inbox, one from my little prince and the another one from his Dad. I am pleasantly surprised. You want to know what they said? Here it goes! Dearmost Mummy, I am … Continue reading Home is where the Heart is!

Was it Glamour? Was it Game?

Recap One , Two , Three ,Four ,Five ,Six Hey Neha, Do you remember the first time we had met? It was on the road outside our college. We all had joined college a few days back, and were totally new to the medical world, to the college and the hostel life and also to the city. It was after college late in … Continue reading Was it Glamour? Was it Game?

Losing him became my biggest Fear.

If you missed the previous story, please click here One , Two ,Three , Four ,Five Dear Neha, Over the last year I had become an obsessed female. I would keep on checking his mails, his social media accounts. The moment he was in front of me, I would be calm. When he wouldn't be around, my mind would be in overdrive, … Continue reading Losing him became my biggest Fear.

I wish we both had been more Expressive.

RECAP ONE  TWO THREE FOUR Dear Neha, Do you know what is the basis of a strong marriage? or any strong relationship for that matter? An open and a honest communication. When the bad phase started for us, we hardly ever spent time sitting together. I had closed myself to communications, as I did not want … Continue reading I wish we both had been more Expressive.