Love in the times of whats app

Why? Pratik why? Why did u do this to me? Sneha had been crying for last one hour or so, but still could not stop her tears for coming. Pratik had come home damn tired and had slept right after dinner. And then this phone call... Had turned her balance upside down. For the last... Continue Reading →

Transformation of a desert

Human mind is amazing. If it is on right track, it can do wonders. Dubai....Truly a city of wonders. Just imagine a desert and now one of the most beautiful places in world. Look at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and one feels amazed. Every morning on my way to work, i... Continue Reading →

The Migratory Birds.

I never viewed myself as a person attached to places, events and things. I have been a free bird, with my family being my anchor, where i would return to. So, when my husband decided to move to Dubai, neither of us including our six year old were alien to the idea. In fact, we... Continue Reading →

The fairer sex

So much has been said about gender equality, females are equal to males and bla bla....but how many women's may become doctors, engineers, diplomats and so on.... Fairer sex is still on the fair side. Back in India, I used to feel that this happens only in India that a woman works 26 hrs a... Continue Reading →

Am I a machine?

Every morning I wake up as my alarm goes tic -toc. I drag myself unwillingly from the bed, wishing for some more minutes of sleep. Then equally unheartedly I go in the kitchen to start that mundane race, start chopping onions mechanically with my eyes still closed. Later in the day, I think how come... Continue Reading →

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