Fairy Tales – 1

She grew up reading Cinderella, snow white and Thumbelina. For every girl in distress, came a prince who would love her and decode all the disorder in her life. And they lived happily ever after!Only thing, she did not know what ever happily ever after meant! Coz known of the stories told anything beyond that. … Continue reading Fairy Tales – 1


My first flight from Delhi to Dubai.

It was November 2014 when i first came to Dubai. It's been two years and still feels like yesterday. Though Memory has started fading now and don't miss so much back home. I am not a person attached to places. For me, Home is where my Family is. My first flight to Dubai is a … Continue reading My first flight from Delhi to Dubai.

The Mask

via Daily Prompt: Maddening The revelation was too much to bear. The thin thread which had tied her to the life till now was snapped. " Who are you?" She asked. The mask which he was wearing had fallen off. She could see through his eyes, deep into his soul. She lay their listless. Hope … Continue reading The Mask


Only if you would have confessed, The pain could have been easily endured! All the while, you were so clammed up, You saw me in distress! What you did, you had no reasons! When you did, elated you were! Yet when you realized, fear crept in. You were scared I would go! Your betrayal hurt … Continue reading Confessions

A Perfect love story

      She always thought that theirs was a perfect love story. They had started too young, and friends would joke that medical college love stories end up during internship. But theirs did not. They studied together, ate together and together they could clear their postgraduate entrance exams as well. As every story, they … Continue reading A Perfect love story