I wish I had been less Adjusting

Dear Neha, "Hey there! How are you feeling now?" I am confused with what I have done. I could not myself let die a slow death. I had been miserable for months. I was not able to forget the past few years, and each day thinking about it, I died a little. I would cry in bathroom, … Continue reading I wish I had been less Adjusting

  Silences and conversations

Speech is silver, silence is gold.   This was what I learnt all my life. If someone hurls you abuses, don't reply back, just stay silent. If you don't agree, don't get into arguments, just keep silent. If you don't like something, just keep it to yourself. For silence is golden. All this seemed believable. … Continue reading   Silences and conversations

Dad: I miss you.

Parenting is indeed a tough job. No two kids, nor any parents are alike. Each learns by his/her own mistakes, and hit and trial. My little one is usually a happy go kid who will mix up with everyone and enjoy each moment to hilt. I have this amazing memory in my closet which always … Continue reading Dad: I miss you.