I is the Ego

" I " A single alphabet which should always be capitalised when written alone, even though written in the middle of a sentence. A one alphabet word which won't ever let you surrender. I am me. I did this for you. I like this And I hate this I will not ever talk to you. I... Continue Reading →

  Silences and conversations

Speech is silver, silence is gold.   This was what I learnt all my life. If someone hurls you abuses, don't reply back, just stay silent. If you don't agree, don't get into arguments, just keep silent. If you don't like something, just keep it to yourself. For silence is golden. All this seemed believable.... Continue Reading →

Do’s And Dont’s

Pregnancy is the most amazing as well as the most paranoid time in a female's life, Thanks to our culture, especially Indian scenario. My son is 7.5 now, but still, whenever I think about those days, I still get jitters. The day u marry, you are supposed to procreate or else Relatives won't even mind... Continue Reading →

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