Musings of a Doctor

I am a doctor and unlike the Facebook frame I am not glad that I am at work. I would too like to #staysafe #stayhome. Yet, I will not leave my duty and stay put till I can. It's totally unsafe to work because most of the hospitals have reduced manpower, lack of resources especially … Continue reading Musings of a Doctor

Is the Doomsday Near !

Covid 19 /nCoV / Coronavirus is not a news anymore. The tiny Virus which most people thought would affect Chinese only has long traveled the world, reaching every nook and corner. No country, race, religion or gender has been spared. Darwin's "Survival of the fittest" is understood more by these tiny organisms. Whenever any bacteria … Continue reading Is the Doomsday Near !

Let’s have a laugh !!

It's raining Coronavirus these days! Ever since the virus mutated or jumped from it's animal host to human ( Thanks to deforestation, poaching and everything else we do to destroy the natural reservoirs ), the world has not been the same place. Early Jan when the news from Wuhan started pouring, everyone was scared. Rightly … Continue reading Let’s have a laugh !!

Think Pink

    October is the Breast cancer awareness month. Two years back, my mom came to visit me. On the morning of the day, she had to leave, she casually told me, "Sometimes i feel a strange sensation in my right breast." Immediately, I examined her and felt a lump in her breast. I took … Continue reading Think Pink