Protected: A place which changed me

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Only if you would have confessed, The pain could have been easily endured! All the while, you were so clammed up, You saw me in distress! What you did, you had no reasons! When you did, elated you were! Yet when you realized, fear crept in. You were scared I would go! Your betrayal hurt … Continue reading Confessions

A Perfect love story

      She always thought that theirs was a perfect love story. They had started too young, and friends would joke that medical college love stories end up during internship. But theirs did not. They studied together, ate together and together they could clear their postgraduate entrance exams as well. As every story, they … Continue reading A Perfect love story

A beautiful love story

Muse Theirs was a beautiful love story. He had loved her ever since testosterone ran in his blood. And she had known only him, when ¬†youth and beauty had started ¬†knocking on her door. Their love was as pious as the unborn child. Untouched by the cruelties of life. He would pass by her window … Continue reading A beautiful love story

Love in the times of whats app

Why? Pratik why? Why did u do this to me? Sneha had been crying for last one hour or so, but still could not stop her tears for coming. Pratik had come home damn tired and had slept right after dinner. And then this phone call... Had turned her balance upside down. For the last … Continue reading Love in the times of whats app