Let go !!!

These are stressful times. The word has turned upside down in a matter of few months. Earlier all we had on our mind was Work !!! Work !!! till the next vacation. After those few days of de-stress, we would again be back as work horses in the corporate culture which truthfully doesn't give a … Continue reading Let go !!!

Discover Challenge: Here and Now

via Discover Challenge: Here and Now The most difficult part is living in the present. All of us want to live in the world of dreams and illusions, for the very simple reason that it seems so enthralling, so beautiful. The future always seems so promising. It is like a fresh canvas, on which we … Continue reading Discover Challenge: Here and Now

Count your Blessings

Each morning so many of us wake up with a heavy heart, some of us want better jobs, some want more money, some a better spouse, some better children...The wants are endless. But in that mood of melancholy we forget our blessings. Let me give you the checklist Are you alive today? Is there someone( … Continue reading Count your Blessings

A beautiful love story

Muse Theirs was a beautiful love story. He had loved her ever since testosterone ran in his blood. And she had known only him, when  youth and beauty had started  knocking on her door. Their love was as pious as the unborn child. Untouched by the cruelties of life. He would pass by her window … Continue reading A beautiful love story