Climbing The Ladder of Success

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” You never have time for us.”

“Couldn’t you spare one hour for his dance performance ?”  I could still hear my wife’s voice in my head.

“Dad! Why didn’t u come? All my friend’s fathers were there, clicking their photographs. Why couldn’t you come?” My son’s pleas were drowned in the bottle of whiskey.

How could I make them understand that the meeting had been really important? If I could negotiate this project, and get it in my kitty, I could be the next General Manager of the group.

“Why are you looking so sullen?” Ria walked in.

Her infectious smile made me forgot the scene that had happened at my home just an hour before. A little peck on my cheek, made me feel at the top of the world.

“Hey, that meeting was wonderful! The clients are happy and hopefully, if all goes well, the contract will be signed in by Monday morning.” Ria filled me in with more information.

“Oh, Ria! You are such a darling! You always take away my worries. Come give me a hug”

A few hours later, Ria and I were entwined in some hotel room, all worries of not being able to go for my son’s performance were long forgotten.

Monday morning, the contract was signed. Another great performance by me for my company. Ria and I celebrated.

My family would never understand what all I did for them? After all, who else enjoyed my hard earned money.

A few days later, a new GM joined some bigwig from IIMs with a great profile from a Hongkong based MNC.

I kept sulking in the corner. So much effort I had put in to get this company to this heights and now they brought in a New GM. Ria was busy catering to the new boss.

I went home early. My wife and son were waiting there still for me.






Photo Credits : Dr Prashant Nasa; Munnar, Kerala, India

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The woods are lovely dark and deep, 

But I have promises to keep; 

And Miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost 


When we are small, we enjoy each moment and live in present. But as we grow up, we forget how to enjoy and immerse ourselves in the rat race of life. We wait for the next event, next birthday, next anniversary and so on.

Life is a celebration. The real enjoyment, the celebration is the journey itself. When we take a holiday, we start enjoying ourselves right from the moment we start our journey. We enjoy at airport, in the flight and then at the place we intended to go. But in the daily mundane of life, we forget this. Each day is a journey we have to relish. We do not have to wait till we reach the end to enjoy.

So, from today try to find pleasures in the path you have chosen each day.


The Mask

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The revelation was too much to bear.

The thin thread which had tied her to the life till now was snapped.

” Who are you?” She asked.

The mask which he was wearing had fallen off. She could see through his eyes, deep into his soul.

She lay their listless.

Hope was covered with despair.

Love was lost in betrayal.

And the only sound she could hear was her own heart.

” Who are you?  She asked again.

” I am your soul.” The voice said.

” If you are mine, why did you mislead me?” She inquired again.

” This world is a maddening place. Everything is not black and white. After a day, there is night. But Between the day and night, lies the dusk and dawn. Between the extremes of summer and winters, comes the autumn and spring. ” The voice replied.

” Not everything is black and white, there are shades of gray. The only thing that is yours is you. Yet, you never relied on yourself. It was not me who mislead you. you never looked within you. All your answers, all your strength, weakness, joy and sorrows is within you.” It continued.

She could see more clearly now. The mirage which she saw earlier was now clearing. She would not let it happen again.

She had to live one more time. This time for herself.





Daily Prompt: Promises

via Daily Prompt: Promises

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.
My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.
He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
This is one of my favourite poems till date. A reminder that we will face many distractions but still we have to keep going till we fulfill each and every promise.

Musings of a wanderer – A journey to nowhere. 

How does it feel, waking up in the morning, getting dressed up for the day and going to the same moron place day in and day out? A place, which you don’t even like, yet you have to go? I know you will judge me as weak. May be I don’t have guts to change my life. I don’t have an answer for you, atleast not now.
Well, as I said every morning I would get up from the bed with heavy heart, finish my daily chores and get ready to go. I would walk down to the bus stop. This usually took me 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes, I would be slow and signal would turn red before I could go. There would be other people on road as well, some running, some walking, some happy, some sad. There would be people on road, people on cars, all running to meet their deadlines. It was like everyone was running from something, or running for something. I could not decide what was my motivation.

Engrossed in my thoughts, I would take that crowded bus and head for destination. The bus would take me through crowded roads, tall buildings, and parks. Sometimes the bus would roll smoothly, sometimes get stuck in a traffic jam. The hurry to be in time, the hurry to punch in, the hurry would be palpable in each beat around.

At times, I felt the loneliness within me would engulf me. All these people, all the world around.. could do nothing to make me feel any other way. Like a cactus in the big vast desert, I was succulent enough to survive, yet thorny to have anyone near me. I could survive the harshness of world around. 

Days passed and the same routine followed. Me running from everything, yet coming back to the same circle daily. True, I was too scared to move on. Yet, too broken to stay back. But still I would continue hurting myself and call it destiny. 

Probably this was my destiny. Many people are scared of the darkness, of the nights.. I was scared of the day. Those long hours when I would be awake. Each hour would pinch me why I am still alive. Night was a solace. Night was peace.

Day ushered in the endless cycle of work, commitments and social obligations. Last one was what I dreaded most. How to fake that smile? Some skills can never be learnt and this was one I was so poor at. 

A few days more i reminded myself and continued in this struggle. 

I looked around and found everyone stuck in this new era of slavery .. job .. where the employer brought u and u sold yourself happily thinking someday you will earn so much that you will just rest in your life. But will that day really ever come. 

Smartphones & Relationships : A Bane or a Boon.


Turn your neck around, and you see people with their necks flexed, typing into their smartphones!

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Go to a restaurant, you will find people glued to their mobile screens rather than conversing!

Kids as small as age 1, will cry for the I pads rather than anything else!

Our generation has definitely become a slave to the technology.

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15 years back, when I had graduated from Medical school, the first mobile phone was from the hard earned meagrely stipend. Today my son, demands a smartphone that too best in the market when he will be in Class 9.

Possibly ours was the last generation who knew how to enjoy without the smartphones. Though, slowly it seems we too are losing the grasp.

Gone are the days of beautiful handwritten  letters, Archies greeting cards, roses and teddy bears. If today someone has to propose, he/she will do it on What’s app or FACEBOOK. Someone rightly suggested, Had this been Pre Independence Era…People would just post a message saying Share it so much that It reaches Brits and they leave India.

This sharing  and forwarding business is so rampant that people don’t even check the authenticity of what they share. Most hilarious of all is the one concerning Bhagat Singh’s Hanging and 14th Feb. Each year right before the Valentine, so called secular patriots will bombard What’s App and FB with those messages.

Jokes Apart, It’s disheartening to see all in a family sitting together with their mini computers in hand  and a pin drop silence broken only by a video played by somebody.

When orkut and facebook were launched in 2004, it was a breakthrough. We could meet online friends we had lost in the course of growing up. But still at that time, you had to log in to your computer and because of high rates, slow internet speeds..everything was still in limits. But then came the touchscreens and with them the facebook mobile and what’s app which became popular by 2011- 12 and that has brought its own sets of worries.

While we could converse and be in touch with our distant cousins, long lost friends, what disappeared from our lives has been the intimacy and close conversations with the very people we share our lives with.

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I could never understand why the mobile phone was the first thing my husband wanted to check in the morning. Ever since my dad got his laptop, my mother cannot understand why he has to play candy crush every few hours. Possibly this is what is Mobile addiction.  You go to malls and find kids as small as 9 months hooked in their prams to the Ipad screens. Probably I pad is the first word they learn these days.

Among many of the couples, when one of the spouses gets hooked to his mobile phone, the other feels neglected. At times a situation like ” Please keep your phone down and talk to me” comes. There are couples who feel more comfortable chatting to each other rather than talking face to face. All this is a red signal, an alarming situation which need immediate attention. For a couple face to face talk and physical touch is very essential. For growing up Kids, they will be much more complete beings if we spend time with them rather than the smartphones.

It’s time to ponder whether we want to use smartphones or smartphones use us.

Whether we want to stay alone with our smartphones or together in a family!

Source : Alone together, A wonderful  book by Sherry Turkle.






Good , Bad and The Evil

She eats eggs on a Tuesday! Surely she will go to hell!

My goodness they are Hindus, and they cook Chicken at home! What kind of Hindus they are!

All of us have heard about these statements and many more. Is one’s inherent goodness linked to just these or something beyond it. Can One  be declared evil, if one does all of the above.

Take 1 : If you are eating eggs daily, not a big deal…Tuesday is just another day. What has my morality to do with eating eggs. Eggs are a good source of protein, loaded with nutrients and vitamins, easy to cook and yummy to taste. So who gives the authority to another to judge someone based on their eating eggs whether tuesday or any other day or not eating eggs any day.


Take 2 : Vegan or non vegan, what is the big deal! what has this got to with one’s  spirituality? Has this any concern with one being evil.

I agree according to some animals are living beings…but so are plants.

Counter comment is we eat a part of plant and don’t destroy it as a whole.

A tiger eats a deer. So Tiger is evil and deer is good.

But Isn’t this a delicate balance of food chain.  Man lies at the apex of food chain and before agricultural practices were introduced, the pre historic man was a hunter indeed.

I am not advocating vegetarian versus non vegetarian. All one should have is a balanced diet.  All i want to put forth is to delink religion, ethics and morality from what anyone eats. Let everyone follow what his Inner conscience dictates.

veg vs

Why do we confuse morality with our eating preferences?

The way different regions have different eating habits have been dictated by the availability of particular food, climate and so forth. In current Techno era, all lines have become blurred.

How one’s body reacts to a particular food  determines his eating patterns in the long run.

This has nothing to do with someone being immoral, if he eats a particular food.

This blog is inspired by and is in response to Beyond good and evil