The BoardRoom

12 weeks .. 12 weeks was the time given to him to bring the profits up. He had tried every marketing strategy he and his team could come up with. Healthcare no longer remained a patient - doctor profession. It had become another business with cut throat competition. He had tried to lure doctors with... Continue Reading →

 Climbing The Ladder of Success

via Daily Prompt: Climbing " You never have time for us." "Couldn't you spare one hour for his dance performance ?"  I could still hear my wife's voice in my head. "Dad! Why didn't u come? All my friend's fathers were there, clicking their photographs. Why couldn't you come?" My son's pleas were drowned in... Continue Reading →

Am I a machine?

Every morning I wake up as my alarm goes tic -toc. I drag myself unwillingly from the bed, wishing for some more minutes of sleep. Then equally unheartedly I go in the kitchen to start that mundane race, start chopping onions mechanically with my eyes still closed. Later in the day, I think how come... Continue Reading →

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