R – The Reading Habit

Born to teachers, living in the vicinity of a postgraduate college library, books have been my best friends. Call me eccentric, call me nerd, it does not matter. I do read almost 5-6 books each month, despite being a full time doctor, wife and a working mom. One of my colleagues gave me a 200 … Continue reading R – The Reading Habit

Q – Do not Quit

There are times in your life when whatever you do seems to backfire. The little child who would make you laugh on his antics is no longer little. He does not listen to you anymore and it seems he's slipping away from you. The house which resonated with laughters, now hears only loud volumes and … Continue reading Q – Do not Quit

P – Flexible Parenting

What kind of household did you grow in? Imagine the scenario! A child is going to appear for his boards in a months time and wants to go to a friends house after school, in order to study together. 1. "No, you cannot go to your friends house after school. Come back and study. Exams … Continue reading P – Flexible Parenting

O – Don’t Overprotect

Remember that feeling when you hold your baby for the 1st time. They seem so small, tiny and fragile, and within that one moment all apprehensions, all worries become transfixed at protecting and nurturing this little soul. That's when a parent is born. Everything from then on is about them, when to feed them, when … Continue reading O – Don’t Overprotect

N – Are you a Nagging parent?

Parent: Enough of screen time! Get up and finish your homework now ! 😡 Child: Just 5 minutes Mom ! The video is about to end. 10 minutes later (A louder volume) Parent: Get up now ! Your whole homework is pending and you are sitting in front of this idiot box. You are definitely … Continue reading N – Are you a Nagging parent?

M – The Joys of Mundane

I was an achiever child in my school. Hailing from a small non descript town, I had always scored well and would always be a ranker in the school. Of course, my parents being educationists this was something they were proud of and I did extra effort to grab that limelight. Being an achiever was … Continue reading M – The Joys of Mundane

L – Let them go

The transition phase from Childhood to teenage and finally adulthood, is more difficult for parents then the child himself. The independence that the child loves, is detested by the parent especially if they have been used to micromanaging and making decisions until then. Sooner or later the child realizes that as interference and moves away … Continue reading L – Let them go

K – Children are like Kites

Children Are Like Kites You spend years trying to get them off the ground. You run with them until you are both breathless. They crash ... they hit the roof ... you patch, comfort and assure them that someday they will fly. Finally, they are airborne. They need more string, and you keep letting it … Continue reading K – Children are like Kites

J is to enjoy the Journey of Parenthood

This season it's been a daily writing and today it was an unusually stressful day. My mind waded between options for J. J could be a junk food, a perennial problem. I started writing but then scratched it. My mind came to stop on the Journey, journey of life and the journey of parenting. Time … Continue reading J is to enjoy the Journey of Parenthood

I for Monster I Pad

Ever since I choose to write on this topic, I have one consistent reader and that is my son. Other than reading, I also discuss with him what the next letter should be. "I" was a confusion. I thought it could be Independence, a sort of eye opener on helicopter parenting, which our generation has … Continue reading I for Monster I Pad