Reflections A2Z 2019

I have been blogging for almost 4 years now. What started as a mere scribbling of my thoughts, gave rise to a blog of which I am proud of. I got to know about A2Z challenge in year 2017, but towards the end of April. I kept reminding myself throughout the next half of the … Continue reading Reflections A2Z 2019

Yin and Yang

"I am a mother of a single child and he is a boy." Now the above statement would draw flak even from so called liberalists and even feminists. "Without a girl child, a family is never perfect." "One child ! That's never good! You should have two." I drew lots of criticism from friends and … Continue reading Yin and Yang

X – EXAM Fever

"Exams" How many examinations have you given? Does anyone remember? Right from the day we entered school, we had exams. I remember vaguely, unit tests, terminals and then final exams all throughout the school years. Board exams at 10th and 12th, followed by innumerable entrance exams for that one prestigious seat meant for you. After … Continue reading X – EXAM Fever

E Book Carnival 3: My Journey

I have been blogging for quite a while now. I started with an anonymous Blogger account in Feb 2015. I loved writing ever since I was in school, but the urge to take it higher started with the popularity of social media. In 2016, I moved to WordPress platform and would pen my thoughts regularly. … Continue reading E Book Carnival 3: My Journey

W – Teaching Children not to Waste

The last few alphabets are the most difficult in A2Z Challenge. Towards the end, you just drag on because you have posted till "V" and you can't just quit now, when it's just last 4 alphabets. So, as soon as I finished writing for V, my mind was on an auto pilot for W. I … Continue reading W – Teaching Children not to Waste

V – The Virtual life

When I was small, life was governed by, "What others would say?" "Our name will get maligned!" And I grew up hating these kind of sentences. Why should I care about what others say? That single sentence gave rise to the rebel in me. My mother still worries a lot about others opinions while I … Continue reading V – The Virtual life

U – Help them Understand their Worries

What does a child know about being worried? He doesn't have office deadlines! Nor does he need to think about bills! He doesn't have a house, a spouse or a kid to take care of! We often brush the concerns of our children under the carpet! However, if right from start we help them learn … Continue reading U – Help them Understand their Worries

T – Travel with your kids

In late 80's and 90's, travelling was an extravaganza especially for the upper middle class family. My only outing with my parents had been the college trips my dad would accompany. When I took admission in GMC Aurangabad, Maharashtra, that was my first train journey ever. I had been so fascinated with all the stops … Continue reading T – Travel with your kids

S – Parental Interference in Schools

A2Z Blogging is a Herculean task. With letter R, we finished 3 weeks into the challenge and our 4th week starts with letter "S". I had been contemplating many issues with S, S could have been the strength you are for your child but it would be a repetition, or stress in children which is … Continue reading S – Parental Interference in Schools