Day 17 – Q for Questions, Quilts, Quotes, Quality time.

Whenever I have done A2Z Challenge, the biggest inertia comes by the 3rd week. First of all, you know you are still far from the race line and second, the difficulty level of the alphabets go up. Third, you start lagging with the reading of the blogs u had started.

Q is one such letter with limited possibilities.

I am grateful for all the questions which come to my mind, and all which are asked of me. When we question and discuss, our understanding increases.

I live in a cold country, and I’m grateful for the warm Quilts which keep me warm in the night. Did u know that the qulits have a tog rating. I was totally ignorant of the fact until I moved to UK. The warmer the quilt, higher the tog rating. I remember from back home in India when I was a child, where my mother would choose the cotton to be filled, the outer layer would be stitched with some old sari. The warmth of quilt as per them would depend on the weight of quilt, and a 5kg quilt would be normal. Seeing these warm light weight Quilts filled with microfiber, I am amazed at how things change with technology.

I am grateful for the beautiful quotes. I love the positive and inspirational quotes.

Last but most important, I am grateful for the quality time spent with loved ones or spent doing something worthwhile like writing a blog or reading a book.

This post is written as a part of A2Z Challenge hosted by Blogchatter. #BlogchatterA2Z2023

All the posts written for this challenge can be read here. A2Z2023

4 responses to “Day 17 – Q for Questions, Quilts, Quotes, Quality time.”

  1. Wow. Tog rating. Something new I learned! 💓


  2. Your reflections on the importance of asking questions, spending quality time, and finding inspiration in quotes were thought-provoking.

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  3. Didn’t know there was rating for quilts. We use jaipuri quilts or dohars made of cotton filling and covered with mulmul sourced from West Bengal.
    In the first A2Z that I entered, I had felt exhausted by the 3rd week, writing and reading simultaneously was too much. Then I came to know from one of the bloggers how she had finished writing all her posts before April and scheduled them, so that she was free for reading. In fact, she was travelling the whole of April. Taking a leaf out of her book, this time, I finished writing all my posts before the event started. Now I am enjoying reading others’ posts.

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    1. Ah Anshu, one needs to be so organised. I was busy last April with my exams and didn’t blog whole year until the end. I felt my blog is dead. So entered at the last moment.


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