Day 14- N for Nature & Night

I have crossed the midline and a short zig to celebrate this is right on my mind.

N stands for nature which nurtures us and provides us with the right environment and inspiration each day of our life. We depend on nature for everything from Food, water and Air to all the raw materials for fashion and technology. The physical surroundings around us shape our very existence. I grew up in beautiful Himachal Pradesh, India, always surrounded by abundant greenery right at my doorstep. Years later visiting my hometown, I saw urbanization kill the forests, brick buildings replacing the trees and ever since the picture keeps getting scarier with each visit. I moved to Delhi in 2007 and the closely packed houses seemed like matchboxes to me. Going to work daily, I never realized how claustrophobic they were. Only when home with my 1-month baby, I was aghast that we did not even get a proper sunlight.

In Dubai, even though we lived in another brick jungle, the nearby Mamzar beach was my life saviour for years. For a year, we shifted to an area in the middle of city. That shift made me understand the difference in temperature due to the cooling winds from sea.

In Carlisle, the abundant greenery, the clean air and the river flowing through the heart of the city make me feel so blessed. We are nothing without the nature. Rising global temperatures, nature’s furies only make us realize how much damage the mankind has already done.

N also stands for Night. I am grateful that after day comes night, when we can relax. Being in healthcare, I learnt early on how difficult it is to stay awake at night. I have always been “Early to bed and early to rise”. During internship once we had to work through resident’s strike. I was posted in Labour room. 3 nights and by the end of it, I was a Zombie. Restless, wanted to sleep, but could not sleep. My respect and gratitude for all the professions which require night shift, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, pilots and crew, watchman and so forth. Many people like metros and big cities because day and night blend. May be its right for economy, but I personally see evenings as a time for family. Even the birds flock back home, so should we. Anyway, each one to his own. For me, night is to unwind and relax with my loving family around.

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4 responses to “Day 14- N for Nature & Night”

  1. Your post about the beauty of nature at night is truly mesmerizing. Your vivid descriptions and use of sensory language transported me to that peaceful moment.

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  2. Earlier this year, I had to work in the night shift for 10 days… and I realized that while it’s possible to catch up on missed sleep by taking naps during the day, but it’s not an exact replacement for a full night’s sleep. And yes, I felt like a Zombie too.

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  3. I love everything about this post. So well penned and its like reading my own thoughts.

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  4. This is a lovely post about nights. The tranquillity of darkness can be soothing and calming.


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