Day 6 – F for Family, Friends, Flowers, Food and Fashion

Sitting down in front of Laptop the thought which came to my mind was how the beautiful alphabet “F” which stands for Friends, Family, Flowers and Food is used heartlessly to say as “F” word.

Well, if you have understood and had your laugh, let’s get back to the The gratitude journal. Today’s alphabet is F, and the very alphabet gives us all we have.

I am grateful for my family. Everyone needs a loving family, a secure environment to grow, spread the wings and soar high in the sky, yet remain grounded and have deep roots to stay firm. I can’t thank my family enough for being there for me always, supporting me, protecting me and keeping me sane through tough times. My family is my biggest asset and i am nothing without them.

When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching — they are your family.

Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty

I am also grateful for my extended family, that is my Friends. In this journey of life, we all meet across so many friends, some stay in touch, some friendships just wither off. I am thankful to all those who still are in my circle and also those who left the circle. Every person in our life comes with a celestial purpose, may be to teach us, or may be to support us. Friends make life more beautiful just by their presence. They are the ones you turn to when even your parents or spouse or children do not understand you. They are the ones whose shoulder you lean on and they are the ones who will tell u straighten your shit when no one else can do that. As a child, I was too shy to make friends but as years passed I have come out of my shell. I recently moved to a new place and I am super thankful to the friends I have made there who have been my support circle.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.

C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

Food is necessary for survival. And I am thankful for food. I am a foodie and I love trying different cuisines. Still my favourite is Indian food.

Flowers make our surroundings beautiful. If it was not for the flowers, would the world be so colourful. Spring is the time for flower bloom and these days I’m so grateful to see the Daffodils bloom.

Last but not the least, I’m grateful for Fashion. Fashion adds statement to the unique personalities each one of us. It helps us look more beautiful, more confident and smarter. Fashion means different to different people and I love observing people in different avatars. I have a wonderful friend who’s an encyclopedia when it comes to Fashion be it Prada, Chanel or Dior. She can transform her dresses, her jewellery and we really look forward each day to see her new style. She would buy a bracelet, but end up turning them into ear-rings. What was once a dress, could transform into a skirt. I keep nudging her to start her Instagram channel. That said, each one is different, I still go to work in my casual way, because that’s my statement of Fashion.

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8 responses to “Day 6 – F for Family, Friends, Flowers, Food and Fashion”

  1. Monidipa Dutta Avatar
    Monidipa Dutta

    Your blog post about Day 6 is such a delightful read! I love how you shared your appreciation for family, friends, flowers, and food in a personal and relatable way.

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  2. I love your posts, makes me feel grateful everyday! ❤

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  3. They are the ones you turn to when even your parents or spouse or children do not understand you.
    So true!
    Friends are indeed a blessing

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  4. F is definitely my favourite blog and you couldn’t have chosen anything better than friends, food and fashion.

    They certainly enrich our lives and souls.

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  5. Family is by far the only thing thats expected to stay even when everything else leaves. Its totally different who you take your family as. But yes, i am grateful to my family.

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  6. Such beautiful positive vibes flow throughout your post.

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  7. Jaya Payippat Avatar
    Jaya Payippat

    Ruchi, life wouldn’t be worth living without the Fs. And it’s so amazing that your posts are really wonderful reminders of the most beautiful things we have in life. Your choice of quotes are simply mind-boggling.

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  8. FOOD strengthens the bonds between FAMILY and FRIENDS. It’s a way of sharing love, laughter, and stories, all the while savoring the FLAVORS of life. So let’s raise a glass and a FORK to those we cherish and the delicious moments we share with them.

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