Day 4 – Dad, Doctors, Date nights, Dreams, good and and bad Days!

Not all days are same. Some are full of good memories. Other make us cry. I am grateful for both the good memorable days and not so good days too. Good days bring smiles, but bad days teach one faith, patience and an experience. Both are essential. I have had happy memorable days and reminiscing of them fills the soul, and I have had some of the worst days, which have made me the person i am today.

Never regret a day in your life. Good Days give Happiness, Bad Days give Experience, Worst Days give Lessons and Best Days give Memories.


I am thankful for doctors for they take care in our sickness, and I am doubly thankful that I got the chance to become one. Pathologists are always the backbenchers. I always felt in that capacity i am not even a doctor. It was during the covid pandemic that I realized how i was in a position to help people. Just a kind word, explaining what the test result or the pathophysiology of the process made a difference to so many. Now looking at the biopsies each day, i am more humble and thankful that each diagnosis signed out makes a little difference to someone somewhere in the world. If the biopsy is benign, the patient and his treating doctor would be relieved. if cancer, he/she would get the treatment.

Dr is not just my prefix; it is my superpower.


I grew up reading the fairy tales, with the concept of “Happily Ever After”. When I got married, i realized that myth was far from true. Once the initial fizz was over, if you did not give in your 200%, the relation would come to stagnate. I am thankful for the Date Nights, especially the ones we started after we got into the business of Life. Those date nights are always a breath of fresh air. They help us reconnect and remain at the same page.

I am grateful for my Dreams, seen both in my sleep and those with the open eyes. Many were fulfilled, many just remained in the realms of my brain. One of the most important dreams after I grew up was to complete fellowship from Royal College of Pathology. I am grateful that i was able to fulfill that dream. I do believe that we should never stop dreaming and never ever stop giving our best to fulfill them.

My gratitude list can never be complete without mention of my dad. My Dad is my hero. He always has faith in him, and it was his faith and unconditional love which pushed me to become a doctor in the first place. I have the most chilled person for my father, and many of my beliefs are shaped because of him. He taught me how to stand on my own, no matter what anyone else might say. Even today he surprises me each day, living his life to the fullest and doing small deeds which make a difference to many.

Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story tellers and singers of song.

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This post is written as a part of A2Z 2023 Hosted by Blogchatter. #BlogchatterA2Z2023

I am writing The Gratitude Journal this April 2023. Previous posts in this challenge can be read here A B C

10 responses to “Day 4 – Dad, Doctors, Date nights, Dreams, good and and bad Days!”

  1. Monidipa Dutta Avatar
    Monidipa Dutta

    I love how you effortlessly weave together different aspects of your life in your writing. Your vivid descriptions transport the reader right into your experiences, both good and bad.

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  2. I love this series of yours. Makes me reflect on things and people I am blessed with in my life too. Looking forward for more of these

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  3. I have been a little late in hopping over to your blog, but am so glad you are participating this year. This is a beautiful series you have started

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  4. We should all be grateful to doctors, especially given how the past few years have been 🙂

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  5. Good you chose this theme and love how you weave it all together

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  6. Gratitude is the word for me. As I wake up each morning, I try to be hopeful for a new day with new beginnings. After all, everything is in the mind. Positive thoughts manifest into positive actions.

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  7. Such a heartwarming post!


  8. Jaya Payippat Avatar
    Jaya Payippat

    My bad days are going on but after I read this , my perspective has taken a U turn . It’s not that my days are bad, instead I am gaining faith, experience and patience. Thank you Ruchi for lifting my spirits.

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  10. Good days remind us of what’s possible, and bad days remind us of what’s necessary. It’s the combination of good and bad days that make up our lives and shape us into who we are. We need both to appreciate the highs and lows, to learn from our experiences, and to continue to grow and evolve.

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