The world which is mine !

We are in the month of November 2021. A year ago, we were badly wishing for 2020 to go away, yet 2021 didn’t bring in any spite from the bad news. I stopped writing somewhere in April / May 2021 and never visited my blog again. Many a times, I felt writing like again but the flow of words never came and I didn’t post anything. I cut my ties from so called chaotic blogging world and withdrew into my shell just because it was much peaceful within. It’s easier to pen when you know you are not doing it for likes, comments and Alexa rankings.

My annual subscription for the WordPress popped up sometime in August. At first, I just wanted it to be left unpaid. But then a day before the last, I renewed it. I wrote some 200 words but never posted a thing. A few times after that I came in, wrote few drafts and they still lie their waiting for their turn to go live. I was just not ready to post. I was never the one in rat race, yet pushing that publish button seemed to me a violation of my rules. Were those mine? Or was it just a part of my ego who was restraining my mind?

Sometimes you have to just wait and the fog clears. The wind, the air, the water all take away those feelings, those emotions you have been trying to hold to. Just like the grains of the sand, until what is left is the emptiness. The more you resist, the longer it takes. And I stopped resisting. I knew I would write the day I was ready. Not for the world which I didn’t want to be part of, but for the world which was mine.

2 responses to “The world which is mine !”

  1. Beautifully put, Ruchi. I’ve been where you are many times. I wish I could say it will all make sense one day. Maybe it will. I, for one, are glad you’re back.

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    1. So glad to read this …yes I do agree to that it will all make sense one day.


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