Usher in the New Year with a promise #Welcome2021BlogHop

I am sitting in my balcony in the high-rise building overlooking the sea and a busy highway. The cool breeze is calming my senses. On one side, I see the calm sea merging with the horizon and on the other side are the rooftops of the human habitation. I can distinctly hear two types of voices. One is the chirping of the birds, who have learnt to make their nests in the windows, balconies and wherever they can find a secure place. The other sound is of the cars driving at a high speed. I am amazed at how the birds have adapted to this high rise building. They are not afraid of us, they come and sit on our swings, make their sounds and have made their way in this human cacophony.

My thoughts go back to the year left behind. As I had suggested in one of my previous posts, I had no plans to join others or catch a glimpse of the fireworks around. I had a cozy evening and had slept early to let the year sneak by. I survived 2020, the year that changed it all. The year of Covid, yet I will call it a year of learning…a year of warning..warning us to live and let live not just other human beings, another countries, but other species, other animals, flora, fauna, the nature and the mother earth. When will we learn to live and let live. I have seen the panic when people came thronging to hospitals for covid testing . I have allayed anxiety of many, and being a wife of intensivist, I have seen his sleepless nights and worry especially during the initial days of pandemic, when even the pathophysiology of the disease was unknown. Even though we stayed safe, we have seen many succumb to the disease.

I remember that analogy from my childhood. If you keep taking and do not fill back, you will end up with empty pot. We have used up resources, never bothering to replenish them. We have cut forests to make way for the ever expanding mass of humans, destroying the plants, animals and the microbiota. If novel coronavirus is a zoonosis, why did it jump the species? Because we humans destroyed the habitat. This year lets take this thoughtfulness forward, slow down and reflect on how can we make this planet more habitable not just for us now, but for other species and generations to come. We are the only species that alters the ecosystem. We have destroyed forests, polluted land and the water, caused overpopulation, our activities have caused global warming, acid rains and ozone depletion. Do we need any other bigger warning then this pandemic?

The pandemic has driven us to cover our faces with masks. The air is cleaner, yet we need to filter it via mask to breathe it in. We no longer see the smiles, just look in the eyes and try to catch the message. Yet, have we learnt the message or do we still need a jolt? The rat race leads us nowhere, just pushes us away from the loved ones whose life we are trying to build. Its time to slow down, its time to reflect, its time to be grateful for the new dawn and for the millions of sunsets and sunrises we have never appreciated. Its time to usher in this new year with a promise to be more thoughtful towards self and others, be more in gratitude towards the mother nature, friends, family and everyone who touches our lives. Its time to be more kind towards all.

Lets begin this year with a promise to take forward the lessons we learned.

This post is a part of #Welcome2021Blog Hop organised by Swarnali Nath who blogs at The Saffron Storyteller

Welcome 2021 Blog Hop is a writing event that started on 25th December, 2020 and will continue till 7th January, 2021 where 30 bloggers across the globe will share their thoughts on the theme ‘Learning from the day gone by to make a promise for the new.’

You can read the thoughts of these 30 bloggers Here .

36 thoughts on “Usher in the New Year with a promise #Welcome2021BlogHop

  1. Loved it. If this doesn’t jolt us out of our callousness I do not know what the future holds for us. Learnt a new word zoonosis. Happy New Year 2021

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  2. I could picture your disposition, sitting in that high rise and admiring your Twittering friends!! Certainly nature teaches and treats us in ways more than one. We just need to wait and ponder. I completely resonated with your writing and most certainly kindness, gratitude and thoughtfulness will be the most valued pursuits in the new year 🥰 lovely writing!!

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  3. Wow, what a beautiful, poetic and serene write up. Filled with hope, love and magic. The hues of sublime beauty of the dusk and the brimming crimson of the dawn, together creating another masterpiece of tomorrow. I remember your days with such hectic schedule during covid days. A big salute to you and all the corona warriors. You’re a true hero, Dr. Ruchi. Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop. Grateful to you. I wish you a great year ahead. Best wishes.

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  4. How truly you put it down in words. Humans are the only ones who destroy their ecosystem. Lovely juxtaposition of birds chirping, high rise building and traffic noises. Your post makes one introspect and look inward. Totally loved what you wrote.

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  5. So true! Let me add one more thing. It’s also add things to accomplish and ensure that we see through accomplishing it. That’s what I’m trying to focus on. 🙂 Happy New year dear.

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  6. you have really raised some important lessons that I hope us, humans have learnt. But I am not so sure – As life slowly started to come back to normal – we seem to have gone back to all the same things we were doing before….I do hope the world has changed a bit for the better though..

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  7. Each and every word just resonated so well. I could imagine myself sitting with you and discussing the same thoughts over a cup of hot beverage. Slowing down, reflecting and understanding is the need of the hour truly. But do we understand it and apply it appropriately? We will see how the future unfolds based on our actions ahead of us with time. Let’s wait and watch. Hope we learn the lesson. Lovely write up!!

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  8. Such a spiritual walk down the memory lane of how the most evolved of the species is solely responsible for destroying the abode with abundant resources and nature.
    Hopefully we mend our ways and move ahead cautiously.
    Loved the flow and feel of your writeup, Ruchi! Amazingly alluring and soul-stirring!

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  9. This post was completely in resonance with my current thoughts. You have said it all, Dr. Ruchi. Let’s hope, in the coming future, humankind tries to synchronize its actions with the lessons learned so far.
    Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!


  10. So true, this pandemic is the biggest warning we could’ve gotten regarding the earth’s current state. At least from now on, we must be more cautious. Hoping for better and healthier years ahead. Happy new year, Ruchi!


  11. Even the imagination of that hue and cry of the crowd in hospitals is so painful Ruchi, thanks for sharing the facts what you all must have witnessed as a frontline workers. We can’t run away with the hard hit reality that Pandemic has shown us the mirror of our own deeds and the image that came out is indeed the ugliest version of all. Hoping we humans learnt our lesson and behave cautiously further. Well written Ruchi! Happy New year!

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  12. As it is said in Geeta that whenever there is too much of bad things happening on the Earth, I will come in different forms. But we as humans, forget this. How we disturb the balance in our ecosystem,and then put that blame on something else.
    “We no longer see the smiles, just look in the eyes and try to catch the message” – this is so beautiful.

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  13. Foremost kudos and respect to you as you belong to the front liners’ community and yes 2020 is indeed an year of learning. Wish a wonderful year ahead Dr. Ruchi ! Stay safe😊

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  14. I hope everyone will remember all the things 2020 taught us. I love the part you talk about sun rises. Because it’s true that we tend to forget small things which are the real asset of life. Thanks for reminding.

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  15. Wonderful post, Ruchi! There is so much food for thought here. I love birds and the beauty they bring to our world. All the best to you from me and from the IWSG!

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