WOTY 2021

Word of the year is a new concept for me. To be true, I came to know about this concept only in 2020 after reading Corinne Rodriguez post for the Word of the year 2020. It was a very big post and she had elaborated in detail how she choose her word. You can read this post Word of the year 2020

I’ve been kind of a no or a single resolution person. May be you can call me naive. Till I got admission into a medical college, my only motto was to clear the entrance and get in a good medical college. Fortunately, I didn’t have to put much effort. Once in college, I met my now husband and the next aim was to get into a good branch for postgraduation and of course, marry him.

Well, after that Life happened …Marriage, career rat race, kid and I was just living it, passing each day..until I realised I was losing everything. 6 years back I started blogging and slowly came to know about the blogging world. With it was born a dream of being an author. I wrote a book and then dumped it more so because I realised this was not my cup of tea. I want to read and I want to convey my thoughts too but I can’t get into another rat race. So I stepped back a little.

In the meantime, for last 3 years, I’ve been trying to get back into regular studying ..in medicine we call it Continuing Medical Education..it just means keeping abreast of latest technologies, recent advancements etc in your field.. thats why doctors attend conferences but I took it a step further ..I started doing certifications, giving exams etc. This was a dual purpose for me ..it kept me busy so that I was not able to think much about a past event which had been pulling me down.

Well so this was all what was about resolutions and me until this year. So when I read Corinne’s post i was pretty impressed but it still seemed so complex. Ever since I stated writing on Mondaymusings and having participated in the past 2 weeks.. gratitude post and Lessons learnt..it seemed just incomplete if I skipped this post.

So I thought what I wanted to improve on me. Like everyone I too think of being more fit, losing a few pounds and studying for my upcoming exam this year ..which is ofcourse much more tougher than I have ever given. I’ll start with a bang and then I lose spirits midway. And this cycle keeps repeating. I lack consistency.

So the Word of the year 2021 for me will be Consistency. I’ll try to be consistent in my efforts on whatever I’m doing. I won’t give up midway, then get depressed and lose time. I lose a few kgs, then one day I’ll eat unhealthy and I go down the spiral … I go for walk for a month and then 1 day I’m not able to go ..Next 3 days I’ll worry that I didn’t go that day and then lose the habit I had developed. Same for studying..I study nicely for few days then a day I won’t feel like not studying and then next 3 days I’ll worry about how much I could have done if I had studied but still keep wasting time over already wasted time. So I’ve to be consistent this year in my approach towards everything.

I am joining Corinne Rodriguez Everydaygyan for this post. Do read her take and many other bloggers who join her this week the WOTY 2021.

18 thoughts on “WOTY 2021

  1. Great post. Consistency. I like it. Mine is fun. No more resisting dancing if I need to move. More singing. More hopscotching. More chewing bubble gum and blowing BIG bubbles. In public. Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad!

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  2. I also came across word of the year concept through Corinne’s blog and WhatsApp group. Well, consistency is one big word that keeps us going. I also lack consistency in writing and reading but aways come back with a bang when I remind myself.
    Best of luck for the year ahead.

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  3. Consistency was a word I had thought about last year but went with health instead and that was seriously more important and needed to be put first. It’s important to be consistent if you want to accomplish things. Hope you have a great year.

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  4. Consistency is such a good word to ponder in 2021. It is sometimes difficult to achieve. You would like you have a lot on your plate already. I will look forward to reading your thoughts on consistency this year!

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  5. Consistency is a good word, and how we all need it in our lives! Being consistent in our habits, our journey towards our goals, in living life wholeheartedly…the list is endless. Wish you a very happy 2021, Ruchi, and best of luck for your WOTY!

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  6. Consistency is a good word, and how we all need it in our lives! Being consistent in our habits, our journey towards our goals, in living life wholeheartedly…the list is endless. Wish you a very happy 2021, Ruchi, and best of luck for your WOTY!


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