Where is the Trust ? #MondayMusings

The other day Hubby gets a call in the middle of night. One of the patients has just been shifted from ER to ICU.. the patient, an elderly male is in shock, needs to be intubated ASAP. Hubby changes and rushes back to hospital. The patient has been intubated and access to IV lines secured etc etc. By the time, he comes back, I am fast asleep. Multiple times in the night, his phone rings. After years of being in this profession, he can answer the phone, discuss the case, give his expert opinion and go back to sleep. I wonder how he does that. Early morning at 6, the duty doctor who’s been tending to the patient, informs that the patient is stable.

At around 9 in the morning ( its a Friday morning..holiday for us ) the phone again rings. The duty doctor informs that the patients son is fighting as to why his father got so sick overnight that he had to be intubated. The duty doctor tries to explain that his father was a hypertensive, and due to uncontrolled hypertension had landed up in heart failure.

As per the son, the father was just a little breathless, for which they had got him to hospital. Ofcourse, he didn’t volunteer the information that breathless had been increasing over past 2-3 days, also that medicine had finished a few days back and he had stopped taking.

Listening to the conversation, all I had in my mind was why are human beings so suspicious? Two doctors, nurses and the entire staff in ICU woke up whole night to stabilise their father, and yet instead of gratitude what’s offered is accusations.

There’s a term in medicine called Placebo effect. It basically means, if you trust your doctor/ medicine that it will improve your condition..it definitely will. If you don’t trust your doctor..no matter where or to whom you go …you won’t get better?

Two branches which demand most trust ..medicine and teaching, are both viewed with utmost suspicion. Sometimes, i wonder people trust their kids with maids, yet lock up their jewellery and money. They are patient when it comes to other services yet become impatient when it comes to healthcare. The truth is healthcare is much more complex than what Google search can tell.

When its a delayed delivery of an online delivery, the call center executive will say, “i am sorry, we will try to deliver you at the earliest.” Most People will just fume a little and then settle. When it comes to waiting line in hospital, or a test result which genuinely needs expertise, people would be at their wits and sometimes drive the medical staff mad.

Teaching and medicine were considered noblest of all professions. Yet today, Google baba has filled both the vacancies. Somedays like today, I wonder what it would take for all to realise that the half knowledge they acquire on search can’t replace the years of expertise and that if only they could trust a little.

I am joining Corinne Rodriguez for #Monday Musings. You can find her Post here. Do join me and other bloggers every Monday.

20 responses to “Where is the Trust ? #MondayMusings”

  1. Hi Ruchi, thanks for your article and yes, the medical profession is incredible. Having just spent the best part of the last week or so in hospital after getting a general infection from a wound (stupid accident – lol), I love watching how things work. The teams are amazing – the things they have to juggle whilst also catering to peoples’ fears and anxieties. People will always have fears and difficulties trusting but thank you to those who persevere in the profession and to those who support them 🙂 Good luck!

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    1. Thank you so much for your words of appreciation..means a lot to the whole medical community


  2. I really think we should respect and trust the doctors who save lives. Especially during Covid time, it’s their effort that’s protecting many people.

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    1. Thanks for appreciating Ramya


  3. A thought provoking post Ruchi.
    You’re right when you say both teaching and the medical profession need a lot more trust.

    We have both professions in our family so we know how it feels…

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    1. Ditto Radhika ..my parents retired as educationists..and the way these days parents treat teachers I feel bad and being doctors I’ve myself gone through instances where if I sit and narrate I can write a book


  4. I can imagine how frustrating and demoralizing it must be for medical staff to have to face such distrust and suspicion. I wonder if you’ve read Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan’s post on this. I’m taking the liberty of adding the link here : https://www.godyears.net/2015/05/why-i-will-never-allow-my-child-to.html

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  5. I know this article…it had gone viral the year it was published and I too had shared it not knowing it was Dr roshan’s ..I was just a neonate in blogging then …its true I never want my son to be a doctor and this year has more strengthened it


  6. What a beautiful article! I do think mistrust and suspicion are increasing in our world (and especially in our country). I was just thinking about the same topic this morning. People and institutions we used to trust, we no longer trust. It’s sad that we no longer trust the medical profession and science anymore, to our great detriment.

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    1. Its really sad and its hurting both the professions


  7. Such an irony, right?
    Medical and teaching are the two professions considered noble. And, yet, we fail to put our trust in the people working to improve our life.
    What could be sadder? Each time I read patients and their relatives attacking doctors, it pains my heart. How could we stoop so low!?
    I really hope that we realise their importance, especially after going through what we have this year and start respecting them.
    So sorry you have to experience such heart-breaking moments, Ruchi! 😦

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    1. Thanks for reading Shilpa..support really means a lot

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  8. I can only imagine how disheartening it would be for doctors to be met with constant suspicion. 😦

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    1. Thanks for reading..yes it is disheartening


  9. I’m in a tizzy after learning my most recent trusted doctor is leaving the practice. My 4th in a row. I don’t distrust docs… but “breaking them in”… finding one who will LISTEN TO ME… is a nightmare!! In the past I’ve had some overlap of seeing and getting to know new docs before my favored one left. This time, I’ve got none… and barely any routine meds left.

    I’m sorry your man (did you say hubby? I can’t recall) and staff have to deal with difficult people. I’d like to believe they’re lashing out from stress… but I don’t. Maybe its guilt. I dunno.

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    1. It takes time to be comfortable with your doc..can understand that ..hope you fund another one soon


  10. It’s interesting, Ruchi. I view it as a partnership. Doctors are not gods (although my grandparents lived next door to one who said, “To my patients, I AM God!” and later had to apologize for a mistake in my grandmother’s medical care that would have killed her, had he caught it 30 minutes later). They’re human. And I’ve seen them make enough mistakes to not be blindly trusting, but I also don’t expect them to be perfect all the time.

    I refuse to continue seeing a doctor who is arrogant or dismissive or refuses to answer my questions, and I appreciate those who tell me “more than most people want to know” and even go so far as to burn the conversation onto a CD for later reference. If they are annoyed or offended by the fact that I research things, I find another doctor. BUT – I’m not unempathetic or untrusting, either. I wouldn’t want to put up with people who were unreasonable or who jumped on all the latest mumbo-jumbo crap “cures” found on the Internet. When I had cancer, more than one well-meaning friend wrote to tell me that the government knew cancer had been cured, but that they were “hiding the secret” from patients at the behest of Big Pharma, blah blah blah – and then revealed secrets like eating a literal truckload of grapefruit and enough ground up peach pits to kill a horse on the cyanide. If I were a doctor, and I encountered these fools in the wild, I might end up in jail for failure to remember the “first, do no harm” directive.

    I wrote this almost three years ago:

    “I’ve got a new theory: Doctors don’t hate Google, nor do they hate patients who take a proactive interest in their health and medical conditions. They don’t think we’re stupid, necessarily, but they rightfully question our ability to discern the value in sources. What they dread dealing with are patients who couldn’t tell a primary source from a tabloid newspaper, or an expert opinion from anecdotal evidence. Also, any time you’re dealing with a serious medical issue, you’re dealing with your own unique situation. You aren’t dealing with someone else’s complications or lifestyle or attitudes. My first OB/GYN pointed this out thirty years ago, before the advent of the Internet, and reminded me that together, we would work to craft and bring about the kind of birth experience that was right for me and my pregnancy – not one that was designed for someone else.” (From https://jahangiri.us/2017/bionic-update/

    I like to think that my ability to look things up (often in reputable medical journals) and to practice some discernment has actually saved my doctors from the sort of constant badgering and impatience (most often driven by fear and anxiety, I think) that you describe.

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    1. I agree to this being a partnership..and as a doctor I say this we are humans ..we make mistakes but we only want to be treated as humans. Unfortunately that is what is lost. People banged thalis but threw us out of houses.

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      1. That’s horrible! I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with that.


  11. But doctors are expected to deliver miracles not just treatments, then why is the restless behavior a surprise! I’m so sorry Ruchi that you are dealing with all these nonsenses in your life. People are so unkind toward doctors.


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