40 things I am grateful for !!#MondayMusings

This year, I turned 40. Luckily, my birthday is in early march and covid had not yet gripped our part of world. It was only a mere 10 days later, we had a covid patient in our hospital. Well, so I was able to enjoy a nice dinner out with my family at my son’s favourite restaurant “Hard Rock Cafe.” Probably that was the last. We haven’t been to a restaurant to eat out, though we still do order.

With so much death and devastation around you, its easy to slip into the bitter mode. And I had turned bitter for a short time at the unfairness of all this. Those who know me or are my regular readers know that I’m a pathologist by profession, married to an intensivist. So we both landed thick into the pandemic during the 1st wave. Things would have been easier for me had I not been the only pathologist in my lab, though can’t say same about my husbandโ€™s profession. Or had I not been a mother as well. So my 12 year old was left to take care of himself with the schools getting shut. He didn’t have anyone to talk to for as long as 10 -12 hrs each day, and even when we came home, we were too exhausted to be mentally with him. Thus, when the 1st wave subsided, I decided to take a sabbatical and be with my son, till the situation eases out. This was not a knee jerk reaction though. I was not happy with the work culture and had been trying to move out for past year and a half. But as they say, the financial security tugged me back. The pandemic made me rethink my priorities.

I started writing once I was home, and I’m glad to participate in #MondayMusings with Corinne Rodriguez at Everydaygyan, for this year’s gratitude list.

40 things I’m grateful for

  1. God for granting me this life. I’m not a traditional person, yet I have moments with Him, when i know he’s guiding me all along.
  2. M Parents – my mother who brought me in this world and raised me the girl I’m today and my father who allowed me to dream and supported my choices. They gave me a good upbringing and strong morals.
  3. My husband who lets me be me. He’s patient and understanding, listens to my rants and is always the silent support. He’s encouraged me to fly high.
  4. My son for being the bright star of our life. I have learnt so much from him especially to enjoy each day to the fullest and that love is unconditional.
  5. My brother and sister in law who have been the unspoken support in my life.
  6. My niece who is a darling and who brightens up my life with just her phone call.
  7. My mother in law and father in law for being the backbone of our family and for always encouraging me to stand on my feet. Without their support, especially mom’s I would never have excelled in my career.
  8. My teachers at my high school, Mount carmel school. They shaped my future and my beliefs. I wouldn’t have been what I am, had I not been with them.
  9. My chemistry teacher in Grade 11-12, who was my mentor and my guide and who encouraged me to follow my dreams.
  10. My teachers during MD at TNMC (Nair ) Mumbai, and at PGIMER ( RML), New Delhi who are still always a call or a message away. They were not just teachers, they were like friends whom we could go to whatever problem we had.
  11. My friends in School, MBBS, MD and during different walks of life without whom my life would be sad and difficult. They have taught me positivity and strength. My friend, more like an elder sister whom I met in Delhi when I had just moved there and who is my go to person for anything. The age difference between us is immaterial.
  12. Having done my MD at Nair, Mumbai. The place which taught me not just my subject, but a good work culture, and the ethics of being a good doctor.
  13. Having done my SR in RML, where I learnt a lot and became confident.
  14. My time at Dr Lal path labs, New Delhi where I met wonderful people and honed my diagnostic skills. Again, a place which raised my bar for work culture.
  15. Living in Dubai- The city will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was here I found my family again. The city is neat and clean, world famous malls, good schools, good housing with 24hr electricity and water and beautiful places to be close to nature.
  16. The strong and close team I headed in my last job, which strengthened my leadership abilities.
  17. Our holidays in Malaysia, Mauritius, Paris, Singapore, London, Jordan, China and so many other places whose memories are always fresh in my mind.
  18. Books and authors – Books help me escape into them whenever things go hard.
  19. Meditation keeps me grounded.
  20. Yoga which has helped me being peaceful in my day to day life.
  21. Two half marathons, and countless 10K i ran with my hubby, which helped me affirm that you can achieve what you want.
  22. Blogging – it is my stress buster, my release.
  23. Nature – I love the calming effect of nature, a walk by the sea always refreshes me. A green place always uplifts the mood. The trees, the flowers, the chirping of birds, the azure blue sky.. there’s so much in the nature to be thankful for.
  24. Music – It relaxes me and brightens up life.
  25. Food – I’m a foodie and good food is always welcome.
  26. Cooking – Its a stress buster for me, and whenever I make something delicious, I feel like a magician.
  27. Kitchen Appliances- They have made life and cooking so easy.
  28. Car and Driving- I learnt driving quite late, but once learnt I know what a comfort it is.
  29. Money- Even though I always brush it away, truth is I’m able to enjoy luxury because I can afford.
  30. Home is the place where we make more memories than even at vacation. Its the place which provides us rest, comfort and gears up for each day. I’m currently gaga over the balcony of my new house, where most of my posts have been written.
  31. Smartphones – Life has become much more easier with computer at our fingertips’. When i had joined MBBS, i used to call once a week because STD calling was costly. Now, i can call them daily.
  32. Social Media – My WhatsApp friends groups, blogging circle, my study groups all are possible because of social media.
  33. Kindness in heart – I always believe in helping others as much as I can.
  34. Learning attitude – I’m thankful that I’m a learner and each day brings me something new to learn.
  35. Sleep – A good night’s sleep is the best medicine.
  36. The changing weathers – They teach us that after every autumn, comes the spring.
  37. Art – its always relaxing to paint, or to create anything new.
  38. Cycling – Helps me keep fit.
  39. Aero planes / Airports – Helps me travel faster and be the globetrotter i am, and also helps me to reach India where my parents are.
  40. Health and happiness – Thankful that I and my family are healthy and happy
Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

16 thoughts on “40 things I am grateful for !!#MondayMusings

  1. It’s the little things that matter the most in life; the things that we usually tend to take for granted! Loved this list and it reminds me of the things I take for granted sometimes, like my sleep, social media (despite its downside), nature, music. Gratitude makes us look at the world from a new angle, isn’t it?

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  2. Wonderful list Rucha, seems like your entire memory timeline of Gratitide. After Covid , we are able to recognize the importance of every little thing in our life which we took for granted so far.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Ruchi. Your list is wonderful and inspiring. I was humbled reading it. I do a gratitude list every morning before I rise. A list of simple things that I pray I never take for granted. Ruchi, I was an ERM for many years. Some of the things I saw broke my heart. You did a good thing staying home with your son. He is lucky to have you.

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    1. Agree Joylene, Thank you so much for visiting. The biggest problem with the women of our generation is that we have been taught financial independence is most important, and many of us have a difficult time balancing this work – family equation.


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