Life is a Roller-coaster

Before covid engulfed our world, visiting themeparks would be one of our favourite outings during the holidays. Dubai gets very hot during summers, that’s why there are large number of Indoor theme parks throughout UAE and we have been to almost every.

While my husband enjoys all those scary rides, me and my son are like the scary-cats. Even though at times, my husband coaxes me into some of them, our son still refuses flat to sit on the roller-coasters. The very sinking feeling when the rollercoaster comes down from the height which we both detest, my husband relishes. When the Roller-coaster is moving towards height, it seems ok, but when you know that its going to go down and you are suspended high up in air gives adrenaline to him, but frightens me too much. I do not like roller coasters for the fright they give me. I close my eyes in fear while he keeps his eyes wide open, enjoying the view.

Isn’t life too like a Roller-coaster? We have our highs.. there are good moments and then there are lows. Before covid came, many of us were riding on the feel good waves. With covid came the lockdown, school closures, increased demands at workplace, job losses, sickness, death and we started on the downward spiral of the rollercoaster. But unlike the rollercoaster, no one likes this downward spiral. How more low can this go? After every storm there is a calm, there is a sunshine. So let’s hold on a little more. Even the rollercoaster ride comes to an end, so will this time. We just have to learn to trust the process. Its only our perception we have to change, whether to close our eyes in fright or open them wide and take each day as it comes.

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9 responses to “Life is a Roller-coaster”

  1. Hi Ruchi – I think the rollercoaster ride has been different for all of us – some live in countries where the virus is everywhere and impacting friends and family – their ride is a nightmare, others of us (me) live in countries where the virus is virtually non-existant and the ride is a lot less bumpy and there are fewer drops from the heights. Regardless, I think we’ll all be happy when the covid ride come to its end. And I hate rollercoasters too!

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    1. Yes, we all would be happy once this covid ride is over


  2. Hi Ruchi,
    I agree that life is a rollercoaster! I’ve always had mixed feelings about those … some I love and some, not so much. I guess that’s how life works. I do love your point about changing our perception as yes, that’s often what causes us the most suffering. Easier said than done of course 😉

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    1. Agree to that..easier said than done ✔


  3. Life IS like a roller coaster. But isn’t a roller coaster more fun to ride than a monorail? 🙂

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    1. Agree to that ..monorail would get so boring


  4. I’ve never been on an actual roller coaster, don’t think I have the stomach for it. We’re lucky as a family to be isolated, but it must be so hard for others – especially those losing loved ones and jobs…


  5. If winter is here, can spring be far behind!

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  6. Life is a roller coaster. Up will be followed by downs and downs by ups.

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