Tea with a drop of Honey

What do you want when you are tired of this senseless world?

For me, its a cup of coffee, a lazy couch and a book to read !! Someone gave me this hot soothing cup of tea with a drop of honey and i relished each and every drop of it !

“Tea with a drop of honey” is an anthology of 28 stories. Each of them is written in a unique style, some will tug your heart, some will linger a little longer and a few might be that food for thought. Every story is different, a figment of the author’s imagination and whether the theme is romance or social issue, you will ponder back and enjoy them just as I did.


“The Hive s a platform dedicated to publishing anthologies of short stories. 2020 has been a turbulent year, and whether we acknowledge or not most of us have been caught in the whirlwind of this pandemic. With this background was born the idea of stories to soothe the soul, stories of positivity amidst the pandemic we have thrown ourselves into. Over a hundred entries were received, of which a brilliant 28 are now the part of this anthology.

Other publications : Route13 – Highway to Hell, Blood Runs Cold (Both available on Amazon Kindle )


Reading has kept me sane this year. When i was reeling with too much stress working in the hospital, Harry Potter was my parallel world even though i had read it 3 times before. Now when I am relaxing at home, I have all the time to critically analyze each and every word which goes through my eyes. That’s when i got this review copy and I am glad to have read it.

Not so Parsi love – a story about a parsi couple brought back old romance in centrestage, and i longed to hold hands and spend evening with my love. The Raipur reading and writing club about how reading helps give expression to thoughts and sets one free gave me hope on how books can bring the change. Razon de Ser was full of longing and my mid stayed with Alleysa and her loss. It ended on a positive note giving hope that after every winter, comes the spring. The Adventures in the Quest for Pot – Bellied Seahorse left me pondering on the whole business of match-making. My Big Fat Punjabi Divorce strengthened the belief in family. Table No 9 left me thinking on the weird human race we are. ( Covid 19 has already provided fuel for the sentiment ) The Heimlich Manoeuvre was hilarious and i was happy that lockdown was heaven for a few love birds. A house Divided was a difficult read and i was again deep in thoughts on how we sometimes know what we want, yet find it difficult to acknowledge. Love knows no age, and Unforgettable Love was the sweetest love story. Return to Reclaim was a story with a deep message. It is important to understand and accept pain to be happy. Not only these, but every story is still fresh in my mind and left me feeling warm.

My Rating ❤️❤️❤️❤️

The book will be released on Amazon on October 28th, 2020.


50% of the proceeds from the book sale will be donated to Prani a pet sanctuary in Bangalore which is a safe home to hundreds of rescued birds, animals and reptiles. Unfortunately, due to COVID pandemic, the sanctuary which would draw school kids for educational trips is short of funds. One more reason to choose this book.

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8 responses to “Tea with a drop of Honey”

  1. The anthology promises to be as sweet as honey.
    Waiting for it to release.

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  2. I’m so keen to read this anthology that I had hoped to submit for but couldn’t. Your review makes me long for it even more.

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  3. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation. I tend to want to curl up in my pajamas with a good book and a soft blanket when I am tired of the senseless world.

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  4. Look forwato reading it.

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  5. Look forward to reading it.

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  6. looking forward to reading it . Thanks for the suggestion.

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    1. Thanks for reading chinmayee

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