The online school begins

School started ! Sam and his friends didn’t have to go !! Viola ! School came home to them. The advancements in last 10 years made it possible for schools to immediately shift to an online platform.

Sam was excited and confused as well. The good part was that he no longer would have to wake up early, and get ready in landmark time with mom constantly shouting, “Hurry up, Sam ! You will miss the bus.” It was a different story that his mom ensured that he never missed his bus.

With the online thing, he could sleep at least an hour late. He was confused on how the classes would happen.

Within a day or two, he got the hang of logging in for attendance and then sitting through classes. It was good to catch up with friends and teachers and chat with them in the chat window, but then came rules.

No chatting ! If everyone kept mics and videos on the voice would start to break they had to keep mics/ videos off and finally listening to a monotonous voice without the teacher around became too boring for Sam. He would at times doze off or start reading his kindle. The first week was trial with them just revising previous concepts. Next week they had to start with the new academic year.

What an academic year ! No new books ! No new uniform ! Bag ! Stationary ! The excitement for shopping didn’t even surface, as lockdown had already ensured everything was shut down.

Sam found the classes too boring. The power point presentations, the one sided conversations, with afew over enthusiastic kids popping in with discussions. As it is he was never Hermione types who would volunteer for answers. He wouldn’t engage unless asked and with the new school year, new teachers, the teacher- student relationship was practically non-existent. He started skipping the classes. How would mom dad even know ? They were at work !!

Meanwhile some of his friends would just log on and start playing mobile games / playstation etc side by side. Who was to monitor? Not everyone’s parents were home ! Even if they were home, most of them were working, and with the new concept time distinction had blurred. The parents would be sitting with their laptops finishing off their tasks. Some would just log into Hangouts etc and chat. Who had time to monitor which windows were open on their child’s devices?

While the kids were smart, schools and teachers knew that this was a challenging phase. It had been two weeks now, and Sam’s mom received a call from the school explaining that Sam would just log in morning and then had been bunking the school entire day for 3 days in a row now.

Sam’s mom was too angry. She was determined to give a nice thrashing to him once she reached home. And obviously he was taken to task the very moment mom stepped inside.

Sam was oblivious to what had happened. He had spent entire afternoon baking cake from a recipe he had searched on Youtube. He had planned to keep it as surprise and it remained so till his mom cooled down and opened the fridge.

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I am writing about the New normal from a child’s perspective. Please read the previous post A cancelled vacation and no more play !

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89 thoughts on “The online school begins

    1. Awww! This post is adorable. But yes the new normal is hard thing getting used to. My sister complain about my nephew’s disinterest too for these online classes. Parents need to sit and talk it out with kids, explain about their helplessness too as the times are such that no one can do anything except accepting these new normal.

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  1. Awww!! No anger could be stand longer after seeing child’s sweet surprise! True that! The Greatest challenge we all parents, teachers and students have ever faced that is and would be to manage online classes. To keep continuous eyes on students as a parent is another challenge!

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  2. Lack of a face to face interaction can make studies really boring. I would be baking a cake too if I were in Sam’s place. The new normal has been unusual for a lot of us and it is difficult from everyone’s perspective.

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  3. How interestingly you have presented the alluring yet hard-hitting ‘online schooling’ situation post pandemic! As the children accept and get used to the new normal, we hope and pray they don’t forget the essence of childhood and the experience of growing up with real faces around.

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  4. I can imagine the scenario with the older kids…the younger ones have supervision and yet they feel bored or are up to some mischief. Hopefully, there will be some way of making online learning more fun and interactive!

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  5. Loved your blog post! You have described the situation that’s in almost every second home in India today….I sometimes feel guilty when I force my kids to attend online classes. To be honest, I hate online classes and get bored during webinars too…I pray the pandemic ends soon and things go back to normal.

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  6. I never gave a thought about Online Schooling from a child’s perspective. Guess it is not so much fun once the novelty wears off. Love the theme you have chosen, Ruchi. Will show us what children thing of the Pandemic.

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  7. Aha, this seems as if my kiddo jumped there with his story. Had seen it all in this online session, dozing between class, lying down, and listening to the lecture on audio-only mode, even once he got punishment as he was asking too many and loud questions by logging out of the session.
    Online classes were and are different in learning altogether.
    And not a cake but my kiddo made tea and even uttapam with ready batter.
    Kids are now missing what real school was and its importance, my kiddo is keen to go to school and meet his friends.

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  8. Online schooling has been a challenge for both teachers as well as students. The situation is tough and confusing as it is for all. Rather than rote learning, this is a great time to help children learn independently through experiences. It is also a great time to learn so many other life skills.

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  9. Online classes are tough! My grandsons didnt like them at all. They were here in India but following Mexican timings. The younger one just refused to sit for them. But then there is no other option I guess. Really feel sorry for the kiddos


  10. I’ve had my issues with online classes although I’m well aware that they’ve been quite challenging for teachers as well as kids. The lines of discipline are fast getting blurred with it. Hope this doesn’t become a way of life!


  11. This feels like totally a reality 😉 Our school principal keeps on saying that younger kids are much better disciplined than the older ones!!! Youngers have their moms hovering over all the time. Lovely post, happy Alexa season.

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  12. While the online classes are new for some, it is unaffordable for others. In the country where people can’t even afford the internet and laptop. Online classes won’t be a success. I feel only students will suffer in this.

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  13. Sleeping an hour late is the icing on the cake, online classes have changed the way kids see education, adding to a stress part for kids is online examination and I was worried on how my son will cope up but he did good… Hoping for this pandemic ending soon but the confidence of sending him back to school is an area most of us parents are skeptical about…


  14. 10 years ago even the 20 year old couldn’t imaging about attending an online class for the whole course! Times are different now and strange things are becoming the new norm. It is definitely interesting to go through all these and see how we and even the small children adapt to these situations.

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  15. Yes online learning has its own set of challenges. luckily, my girls has adjusted well. and they are not making much complain about these. the end of story was so cute. loved the way you had narrated whole scene.

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  16. the ending is cute. Sometimes elders have to think from a perspective of child too; they are trying hard to adjust to this new normal


  17. Online school is tough- no chit-chat, no goofing , no new stationery 😦 And the screen time is exhausting. As a teacher I can tell you its not easy this side either!


  18. Online classes are a hard-hitting reality unlike the fancy way of new learning we had looked upon them at the start. Aren’t they?

    Well, yes. It can get really tough with increased hours. Specially for the young children & high-schoolers. Given how short our natural attention spans are, this IS a huge challenge.

    I love how you’ve written this post in a rather adorable way, Ruchi.

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