A cancelled vacation and no more play !

Sam sat alone waiting for his mother to come home. It had got late today. She would usually come around 4, but today it had got late. He tried to reach her mobile. The landline seemed to be out of order. His parents had given him a small Nokia phone to keep in touch in such circumstances, but he had misplaced it. May be he could call her on teams, the app with which sometimes he would message her when in school. The ringtone went, but her mom did not reply. By the time she reached home an hour late, Sam was in tears. What had happened to her mom? She was a doctor. Had she got Corona? He didn’t even know what this virus did but all he knew many people were dying in Italy and cases were rising. All these fears had been lurking in his mind for the last one hour.

Covid 19 had changed the world. Ever since the virus creeped outside the wet market of Wuhan, it had been creating waves, which had been crashing down people, families, economies and everything else what came in the way.

They had a vacation planned to Europe in the month of March. He had always wanted to go to Europe. He wanted to see Snowfall, he wanted to see in real the videos he see on Youtube, and Covid had got his vacation dishevelled. At first Sam had been happy. It had been the last day of his exams in grade 6. He had come home thrilled. Not even a week more to bear!

“Thank you Corona, No more school till we fly off to Europe!” Sam had cried this till he slept. What was more delightful, was the fact that schools wouldn”t open till mid april. For the next few days, mom didn’t ask to study even. Exams were over. He watched a lots of movies, videos, played a lot on Playstation.

“It’s not safe to travel.”

“What if we fall sick where we go and then if we get stuck at airport” He heard Mom and Dad talking. Covid had spread via Italy to europe and many countries had started putting travel restrictions.

“We will lose a lot of money though.” Dad replied.

The crux of the discussion was that they cancelled the trip 3 days before they were to fly. Austria had closed its borders and so had Czech republic on the day of the flight.

“Coronavirus – you suck ! I love travelling and I like when my mom and dad are around. It’s so much fun.” This time, it was a whisper and though Sam carried on with his life, he was not delighted.

Soon, the cases started increasing in the country he lived. They stopped going to movies and restaurants. At first, he would go down to play with his gully friends in the evenings. Soon, the governments everywhere including where he lived started putting restrictions and children stopped playing in the evenings. It also meant mom and dad busier and Sam didn’t even cry foul.

” Do you have a patient in your ICU, Dad?” Sam asked his papa.

“Yes” he had replied.

He sensed his Dad more tense in the coming weeks. Mom too avoided kissing Sam or giving him a hug when she came back from work.

Sam didn’t like covid anymore. He wanted to go out and play.

“Work from home” He read in the newspaper. He was thrilled but soon realized his parents are frontliners in this war against covid. His best friend Karen had both his parents working from home. He was jealous. For him, It meant lonely days ahead.

Photo by Daniel Torobekov on Pexels.com

It is my first season with #MyFriendAlexa and i am going to talk how children sensed the changes in the world due to covid in the last few months.

I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My friend Alexa. https://www.theblogchatter.com/


57 thoughts on “A cancelled vacation and no more play !

  1. Such a thought provoking post, loved reading it. Yes, so much has happened and we really don’t know what must be going in those little brains, what the kids must be thinking. Looking forward to your posts.

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  2. This is the sad reality of our times. Children were excited about their summer vacations and they were confined to their homes and made to witness their parents working from home all day. Well written!

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    1. some had to witness parents working from home and some like kids of frontliners were left alone stranded without parents. Thanks for reading Varsh


  3. Well written and expressed, certainly kids have gone thru a lot yet I will say they co-operated without any demands. I’m thankful they somehow understood and sailed with all of us in the last 6-7 months.

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  4. It’s really sad for children. I remember my daughter jumping with glee as her schools closed , who knew it will go long so much . Now she is tired to sitting at home, wants to go back swimming & school.

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    1. Ditto ! Here schools opened partially and my son now goes two days in a week. Very few kids started coming but he just grabbed the option with open hands even though most of his classmates choose online


  5. As if there was not already too much for the kids to learn that they now have to cope up with these new realities of the pandemic. But the brighter side is children learn faster than adults and they are the best to cope with it. All the very best for your first alexa and this wonderful theme. Lage raho.

    #MyFriendAlexa #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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  6. The smaller kids still don’t understand what Corona truly is, and it’s implications. Yes, everyone who had planned for the holidays had to cancel them, incurring financial and emotional losses. Sigh!

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  7. Such a lovely post in the form of a story. This is a story of every Sam out there. Corona really sucks and hope this gets over soon. Thanks for sharing this.

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  8. You have so nicely shared the thoughts of many kids. I am sure they would be feeling these emotions, as adults we have seen the difference. I feel we really need to applaud their understanding and sacrifices in these times too.

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  9. Sad.. Really.. I and my school friends had our Goa plan fixed.. Airbnb booked, car booked, flights to and fro booked.. But at the end moment we all had to cancel… It was a lot of savings . And so sad.. Almost after 9 years we were planning something other than our regular meet and greet.. Tough life these days..

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  10. This one hit close to home, my sister and her husband both are frontline workers and while all of us have been working from home, they have been going to the hospital. They also have an only son. A beautiful post.

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  11. Be it school kids or working professionals like us, no one likes covid any more! I too had a vacation planned in March and I can cry like a kid any day! Loved the way you have crafted the story!

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  12. this is heartbreaking. The little ones have suffered and lived through this phase so bravely. The worst part is, they don’t even know what to think half the times.

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  13. It is tough for us but it is tougher for kids, looking at situations via kid’s perspective is heartbreaking. A well thought of and well-written post indeed 🙂

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  14. Can’t even begin to imagine how the families of these front liners must be coping with this crisis. They are fighting this virus each day so that we can sleep peacefully at night.

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