How to deal with difficult times in life?

What would be Life if not for the ups and the downs? Would we relish the good times, if we were not challenged through the harder ones? In retrospect, it’s easier. Yet, most of us freak out when faced with trying times. When we are able to negotiate peacefully through tough times, we start to learn from them.

The current covid situation has more than ever highlighted the uncertainty of life. Plans foiled, jobs lost, people lost, and there will be a surge of mental illnesses, esp depression and suicides.

Here are few tips on how we can sail through challenging times.

  • Have a positive outlook – The glass is half full or half empty. Being optimistic and focussing on the what we can control always helps. Like if someone suddenly loses job, rather than sitting and ranting, one can work on his strengths, use his contacts, use the time to gain new skill etc. Staying positive does not mean that you never are sad or depressed. It means that once you have shed your tears, you get up back rolling into the game. Don’t obsess over what can go wrong, start thinking on how you can set it on the right path again. Focus on what you can control and what you cannot.
  • Be Grateful – Be grateful for all the good times. Only when you start counting your blessings, you realize that your present situation is just another journey. A gratitude diary always helps you be grounded.
  • Be Kind to self – Take time for yourself. Do what makes you feel good. Blaming yourself won’t lead you anywhere. Go for a walk, go to gym, read a book, these are somethings I would do.
  • Forgive and forget – If you are in the situation due to someone, just let your feelings go. Harboring anger does not lead us anywhere other than a self destructive cycle. So just let it go. Forgive and Forget. Though it is easier said then done, but forgiveness is something which is needed for clearing your own soul. I once had a Catholic friend and she had taught me one very good way. Daily when you pray, pray to God to bless the person who hurt you. In the due course, you will definitely clear away anger from your system. Believe me I have done this and it really helped.
  • Get your creative soups up – Channelize your energies into something creative. Not only will it take your mind off the situation, but who knows you will bring forth the next masterpiece. Wasn’t the greatest stories of our times ” The Harry Potter” written when JK Rowling was going through toughest times of her life.
  • Learn from the situation – Let that situation be the teacher and make you stronger. A diamond is formed when coal is subjected to pressure for years. Each situation in life is to teach us something and it doesn’t go away until the purpose is over.
  • Change – Be ready to embrace the change. You can’t keep blaming the circumstances, if you don’t find courage to move out from it.
Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

15 thoughts on “How to deal with difficult times in life?

    1. I can see creativity in everything you pen down. In fact, some of your best pens have been in recent months. If it just keeps you afloat, stay there …how long can we be tested. May be we are already more than half way through


  1. Positivity and gratitude have been hugely helpful for me in these unsettled times. There’s always good things happening – sometimes you just need to take your eyes off all the doom and gloom and start focusing on the small joys. When you do, it lifts your spirits and builds resilience that is the key to coping with the not so pleasant stuff.

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  2. What a wonderful positive post… A positive outlook is what we need in these days of sheer negativity… Think positive and be optimistic is something which I try to follow and tell everyone around me to follow… And yes we should definitely try to change ourselves with changing times…

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