“Hakuna Matata” The Problem free philosophy.

“Lion king” I remember seeing this wonderful movie last year. Ever since, I had downloaded this song to my playlist.

“Hakuna Matata.. it means No worries for the rest of your days. It is our problem free philosophy.”

For those who have not seen this movie, the story revolves around this young lion cub Simba, who is trapped to run away from his kingdom. Simba’s father is killed by his wicked uncle who makes him believe that it is somehow his fault. Simba makes new friends who teach him this wonderful philosophy. Years later he returns with his friends and defeats his uncle.

Hakunamatata is a Swahilli language phrase from East Africa. It means “No worries.”

Life is too short and too beautiful to be spent worrying. Do we ever know how many days /years we have in our life. Yet, most of us plan it like forever. The truth is our days here are numbered and we do not even know those numbers.

Last year, one of my nephews had an accident. He had finished engineering and was about to join the rat race of minting money. The entire family had gone for a vacation to US where some unfortunate accident took him away from all of us.

The covid pandemic has highlighted more of this uncertainty life is. In the rat race of life, we lose ourselves and the people we love the most. We plan long term. We worry about things we do not even know about. We try to make life so complex not just for ourselves but for our children, parents, spouse etc.

What use is banging your head over past or future? Past has already passed and you can’t change what has been done. Just let it go, learn from it and move ahead but by no means sit over it. Future is an enigma. By all means, prepare your future but do not get so engrossed that you stop living in present.

As kids we are that happy go kinds, with not a care in the world. Yet as we grow older we start worrying about grades, admissions, interviews, targets and so on. Worry becomes a second nature for many, and this repeated cycle passes generations. Lets this break this cycle of stress over nothing and everything.

Hakuna – matata … stop worrying over what is not in your control. It will all be fine. Just do your part and leave the rest to God. Too much worrying makes you unhappy, messes with your physical and mental health. Is it any good to brood over something which is not in your control.

Whenever you feel stressed just put your music on and sing loudly along !

17 responses to ““Hakuna Matata” The Problem free philosophy.”

  1. We waste our lives worrying. As they say no point in worrying over what you can’t control. I wish we could simply follow the philosophy of Hakuna Matata. But when life happens it’s hard not to look. A nice reminder.

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    1. When life happens that’s when we need these reminders the most. Isn’t it?


  2. Really so a lovely post. Thanks for sharing it.

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    1. Thanks for reading


  3. I love the movie and the song! You’re so right, this is the best philosophy in these times!

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    1. Yes ! We need to keep reminding ourselves


  4. This movie is always a favorite and so is the song.
    As soon as I read your title it automatically started rhyming in my mind.
    Well said it’s not hard but worth trying to at least not worry and live in the present. Many such unprepared incidents in our lives tell us all plans will stay on hold, so all we can do is live in the present and sing Hakunaaaa Matataaa…

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    1. I love this song..it’s so catchy na ..and yes of course we have to learn living in present


  5. I really like this song and much more than that, “Hakuna Matata!” has been my personal motto. How much ever things go wrong, Hakuna Matata is kind of like my version of Rancho’s “All Iz Well!”

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    1. High five to that

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  6. Sad to hear about your nephew.

    We have made the stress part and the necessity of life. It’s like no pain no gain philosophy.
    Practicing Hakuna matata will definitely have a positive effect on our mental health.

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    1. Of course it will


  7. You’re correct, worry is our second nature. We should adopt this no worry policy – that’s the only way to live a healthy life!

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  8. Loved reading this post! amazing


  9. I love this principle. Especially after watching Simba ..sometimes short things are enough to teach life lessons to stay happy


  10. Currently Readin Avatar
    Currently Readin

    Love the blog!


  11. Such a profound, healing and motivational philosophy of life.


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