Confessions of a blogger

There’s been too much on my mind lately. When I started writing on my blog, I was too transparent with my feelings. However, when the blog would be shared on social media, I would be under scanner and interrogation by many including my parents and close friends.

As a result, I stopped sharing on FB. Infact, deleted FB account for quite sometime, and removed all my followers from the list. As a result, I lost lots of my readers.

Over the years, I know my best posts are where I have been true to self. So today I don’t mind sharing my feelings on my blogs. I don’t care about the reactions too. Infact, one of the best posts, I read recently was by a co-blogger Shilpa. What I liked about her post was honesty.

It is easy to write a fiction, and potray your feelings. It is difficult to accept your own feelings even to yourself and to do so publicly is much more difficult.

Yet, this is what we have been taught indirectly right from childhood.”To hide that at what we can be mocked.”

I have always been an introvert. However, I might try I can’t just sit and chit chat with anyone. I can’t mingle easily even in a party. Yet, I do have few friends with whom it clicked right from the first moment. That’s what soul mates are. Isn’t it?I prefer my solitude, and there is nothing I would like to change about it.

However, if put it other way, as per many I’m lonely and that perception has always let me be hard on myself.

If I look back, this habit of mine demands from me a total perfectionism, and I am not a perfectionist. This vicious circle makes me sad.

I am a practising pathologist, working full time, and on top of it, I try to manage my home, child, family single handedly. The stress gets too much at times spilling over at times in my mood.

So right from this moment, I will try “Self Acceptance.” Accepting myself the way I am.First step towards that is not getting overwhelmed looking around, and accepting my body image. I am overweight, with fat bulging at love handles and thighs. I know I have to exercise yet that is not possible always owing to busy schedule.

Starting from last month, I have tried going on brisk walk or run atleast 5 days a week. I do not want to try any crazy diets like keto, intermittent fasting and so on, because these should be firstly done under megical supervision and secondly have serious side effects. Weight lost on such diets is gained back. So I’ve to gain healthy habits and not fall into trap of rapid numbers. I have to control my sugar cravings and keep a portion control, that is it. I am running my 2nd half marathon in February, and I’m training for that. Being fit and active is going to be motto and not just a number on weighing scale.

Next step would be to stop doing everything myself and ask help where required. I have this nasty habit of doing everything on my own. Even at my workplace, being the head I know the responsibility is mine. So, if someone leaves the work, I’ll ensure I complete it.

The same happens at home front. My husband and son are laid back but I’ll try to do everything and then end up being stressed. I’ve to learn to chill and relax.

A few weeks back my husband recommended me this movie, Brittany runs a marathon. When I saw that movie, I realised that I actually had been doing the same. When faced with problems in life, I started pushing people away. This year, I will not shut people from my life.

The first step towards everything would be “Self Acceptance.
So, My W-O-T-Y 2020 is Self Acceptance.

Baby steps at a time !!!

8 responses to “Confessions of a blogger”

  1. Self-acceptance is a beautiful word. When I started blogging, I was criticized too for sharing personal information. But to each their own, right? Good luck with all your future endeavors!


  2. Self Acceptance is a powerful and empowering word. They say that self acceptance is the first step towards success. It’s so wonderful that you have taken that first step. Wishing you the very best as you re-invent yourself and accomplish your goals. Cheers ♥


  3. Self acceptance is a very powerful word, and something that is so very important to cultivate. As an introvert who enjoys her own company, I can assure that you’re not lonely or a loner. So don’t let the naysayers get you down on that count! Here’s wishing you a fab 2020!

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  4. Sharing one’s real self on the blog i.e the public sphere does bring out the vulnerability. It tends to get heightened when those supposedly close to us keep a keen eye on and question. It is not easy. It is nice that you are walking, running and training for a marathon. Stay put at it. Work out ways to involve your family in sharing your load. Talk to them on a consistent basis about it. Consistency will bring a change. Kudos to you for making self-acceptance your goal in the new year. All the best 🙂

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  5. I can relate to this post. I was like this too when I began my blogging journey. I never used to share on FB. But the blogosphere has changed all that for me. Now I say what I need to say, irrespective of what anyone thinks. Self- Acceptance is a good word of the year. Best of luck dear.

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    1. I don’t think much about others but sometimes when my parents point out and try to make me see otherwise I feel bad


  6. Oh yes, self acceptance is important. We are all tied up with so many things to do that we are easily overwhelmed. It is okay to take things slow, to delegate things to others. All the best


  7. As one introvert to another, I do know that we are own worst critics. You and I are on the same path, Ruchi and I’m glad that you’re committing to be self-acceptance. There is nothing better than being there for oneself first and always. Hugs!

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