Help someone celebrate a memorable Christmas.

My earliest memories of Christmas belong to my Alma Mater, Mount Carmel School, Una ( H.P. )

The last day before Christmas would mean “No study day”

The entire school would gather in assembly ground. There would be a big Christmas tree, a small hut decorated. A few students from the seniormost class would enact Mother Mary and the three wise men. They would enact the scene where Baby Jesus is born. The whole school would echo with Christmas carols. The fattest senior would be the Santa, who would distribute chocolates to the entire school.

This celebration would mark the beginning of Christmas and winter holidays.

Over the years, around the world, I have seen so many Christmas trees, but still that urge to click the next one never gets satisfied.

Christmas is a happy time, yet for those who are alone it is also the saddest time of the year. Worldwide, the number of depressed souls increases during this time. Is it linked to the cold wintry days, where sun does not appear for many days. Sun with it’s energy is the very basis of existence for we mortals. I personally feel a cloudy day as very depressing. Something like “Jadoo” from “koi mil gaya”.

Or is it that people who are lonely, see the celebrations as meaningless, because they have no one to share joy.

Whatever be the reasons, we can always make the festive season merrier by including such people in celebrations. Just like, the story of The selfish giant. When he finally allows children in the garden, the flowers blossom and spring comes again.

Everyone has their choosen friends with whom they want to celebrate, but just wishing lonely people around you, inviting them to community celebrations makes them feel loved and cared. For someone who is going through a tough time in life may be a divorce or heartbreak, death of a loved one etc, it is difficult and depressing time. Just reminding them of your presence, asking them to join you, or going over to wish them builds on the chain of gratitude.

The best Christmas gifts are not very expensive. This Christmas be there for someone who needs the most. Merry Christmas to all.

One response to “Help someone celebrate a memorable Christmas.”

  1. I too studied in a convent school and could totally connect with your memories. I miss those days of christmas carolling a lot.

    You said it right about how the festive season might depress those with no one around to celebrate it with and if we can, we should step out to celebrate with them.

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