Sea, Sand and the Surf

Sea always makes me reflective. Was I a mermaid or a fish in my previous life. I am here sitting besides Bay of Bengal. The locals say the sea is always tough here, but the music which these waves create, calms me down.

The shore here is clear, may be because the waves are so strong, they wash away everything with them. The sea is receptive, it takes everything in it’s fold. It doesn’t judge anyone or anything on the external or internal appearance.

Why can’t we mortals be the same?

Why do we have that irritating behavior of classifying everything or everyone.

Ah, she’s young or he’s old!!

She’s fat, she’s skinny. This one is dark, this one is fair.

Why don’t we accept everyone the way we are?

Someone sent me a beautiful message this morning.

Why can’t right from childhood, we instill this in each. That they are beautiful, the way they are.

What is beautiful?

Are there any commandments written by Moses? Or Manu?

None of them I guess!!

So why we push certain people to that level, making them feel ugly or worthless!!

Beautiful is something that just pleases the senses or the mind aesthetically.

So what might please one might not please other!!

Then why do we become so judgmental!!

Just pondering !!

About Me.

I am a histopathologist based in UK. I find solace in my work, nature and books. My musings are my own personal beliefs.


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