That one gift !!!

Ria and Vishal sat in the balcony, sipping their morning tea and surfing through the morning news.

The newspaper was full of sale advertisments. “Black Friday sale” they had heard about it when they had visited their son in States 5 years back.

It had been in his first Christmas abroad, and they had surprised him. Such a wonderful holiday it had been. First year in the college of his choice, yet around Christmas he had started sulking of how lonely he has. Ria and Vishal had fooled him into believing that they were going to Europe and had landed to US instead.

Ria smiled thinking about it.

“Ah, finally something made you smile.” said Vishal who had been looking at Ria.

“Ya, old memories!!” She exclaimed.

“So, what do I gift my beautiful wifey? It’s Sunday today. Let’s go for shopping!” Vishal proposed.

“There’s nothing I want. Why spend unnecessarily over things I don’t need? My wardrobe is full. Nothing new is required for house, and anyways it’s we two oldies here.” Ria stood up, hiding the tears which were starting to fill her eyes.

That had been the last Christmas they all had spent. As Riyansh had adjusted to his college, and later job he spent Christmas holidays in US with his friends.

“This is not done. For the last 25 years we have been gifting each other the gift of choice, and you can’t just say no. Tell me which is that one gift you want?” Vishal stood up, to hold Ria in his embrace.

“I am missing Riyansh. It has been so many years since we celebrated a festival together in this home of ours, where we grew old together.” Ria said slowly.

“I understand Ria. I am too missing him, but he has to report to Singapore on 2nd Jan for his new company, and before that he has to wind up everything from US.” Vishal tried to explain Ria.

“I understand Vishal. You asked me the gift I wanted, so this was the only gift I wanted now, being together as a family.”

Vishal sighed, not knowing how to brighten up his wife’s mood. Nevertheless, he forced her to get ready, and took her shopping. She picked up gifts for everyone including Riyansh and his fiancee.

Next few days went decorating the house for Christmas. They both had long decided that they wouldn’t let the empty nest syndrome destroy their prime years. They both celebrated each occasion the same way as they did earlier.

After giving finishing touches to the cake, Ria went to her bedroom to get ready. Just then her phone rang!

“I might get late Ria. There has been an accident on the highway, and I’m stuck.” Vishal informed.

Must have been a bad accident, Ria thought sipping her wine.

After what felt like a long time, she saw Vishal’s car approaching. Was she imagining or was Vishal bringing guests. Why hadn’t Vishal told her before ?

At the door she was surprised by Riyansh and his fiancee. Tears of Joy flowed through her eyes.

This short story was written as a part of Blog hop organised by Parul ( ), Corinne ( ) and Shilpa ( ).
The prompt for this month was ‘If I could give/receive one gift…..’.

I have tried to weave a short story around this prompt, on what could be one gift that brings happiness. Living in a Faraway country, with responsibilities of own, I know we can’t visit our parents that often. But I know, our homecoming is one gift they relish. Even though we can’t visit them many times, yet they are always on the mind. Infact, for anyone you love, your quality time with them is the best gift we can give them. And yes this is one gift I always want to receive, quality time with my family.

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13 responses to “That one gift !!!”

  1. […] received the tag from Mahati Ramya and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Ruchi Nasa . There are 25 of us on this Blog Hop and it will be spread over 3 days – 6, 7, 8 December 2019. […]


  2. Well this seems like one household that spent time as a family – happy to read the happy ending Ruchi

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  3. Being with your loved ones is indeed the best gift! 🙂

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  4. Celebrating festivals with our loved ones is such an awesome feeling! The story just brought so many memories to me. Nice story Ruchi! 🙂

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    1. I’m glad it brought you good memories

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  5. This is such a cute little short story. I simply loved it. I am going through this myself, so I can relate. Family being together during festivals is the best gift.

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    1. Thanks jyothi …family time together in Festivals are the best memories


  6. Well said Rucha. Me too staying abroad I can relate so well to your story. Our presence and love are the best gifts that we can give to our parents.

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  7. Loved the happy ending. I know how my grandparents used to look forward to their children and grandchildren coming to visit them. A lovely story and a great gift!

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  8. This is so true. The happiness of being together is actually a real gift to our parents. Nothing can fill the void created by missing of family members.

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  9. A very sweet story, Ruchi.

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