Diwali musings

Yesterday morning, I woke up depressed. That usually happens to me on festivals, esp the festive month of Diwali. The pain of not being with the family I was born in, would usually agonize me when I got married, and Diwali would usually make it raw.

Don’t get me wrong, each family has a different way of celebrating Diwali. On my first Diwali, I still remember we were doing our MD then. My husband left a few days early, and I had to reach on the day of Diwali. I was expecting a warm welcome on the railway station, but alas, it was not my husband who came to pick me up, but my father in law.

Having stayed with them only for a few days before that I felt a bit uncomfortable. When I reached home, I realized I was on my own until the next day. Husband had been packed off to take gifts to the big family they had in the Delhi NCR area. Anyway, I tried to keep my spirits high. I tried to decorate the house, but they were not so keen. For Diwali Pooja, I got dressed up nicely decked in my traditional attire only to realize that everyone else was in nightsuits. Years later, now when I look at it, I know it’s difficult to implement all this in a boys only family, unless the mother herself is fond of. Over the years, I got adjusted to their ways, though I ensured that I do not fall into that mould. Still, I miss my parents every Diwali.

5 years back we moved to Dubai. That year on diwali I felt like I had been uprooted. A new place, where you had to go to work on Diwali felt like a prick in the heart. Yet, my in laws were still there with us, so we didn’t feel abandoned.

Last year, my In laws went back to India. At this age, obviously they felt more comfortable in the place they had spent their entire life. But as Diwali came nearer, I felt the house empty.

So as I said, I woke up depressed. Husband had a meeting to attend, putting damper on the already pissed off mood. After crying myself off, I opened FB. There were updates on the Diwali celebrations all over Dubai.

Imagine at festival city mall, launched a brand new Hathi show only for Diwali. Also there was a Diwali mela with a procession of life sized baby elephant statues.

Ibnbatuta mall had updates of indian dances being performed. Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai had already tweeted his wishes even before Dhanteras. What if I didn’t have holiday, 62 schools were closed for Diwali. In the evening, we went to Deira City centre, only to feel more of these festivities.

There are week long festivities starting from Oct 24, planned across the entire emirate of Dubai, Fireworks at many places, including Al seef and festival city mall.

Suddenly, realizing all this i felt more like celebrating Diwali then I had felt all these years. So, for the next 3 days, I have now a lots of cooking to do, and so many friends to catch up to.

UAE has truly shown the world what tolerance means. I never saw so much Diwali celebrations even in India.

If you are in Dubai, head on to any of these locations this week, to enjoy. If you are anywhere else in world, plan your next Diwali in Dubai.

Happy Diwali to all.

To find out more about Diwali in Dubai click on the link, https://www.visitdubai.com/en/discover/diwali-in-dubai

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