Ravana : The enemy of Aryavrta – Amish Tripathi

Finished reading the most awaited book ” Ravana – the enemy of Aryavrta.”

Well, am I disappointed.


The Shiva series had kept me enthralled and thirsty for more in Indian mythology.

The Ram series, could not hold my attention, beyond the first book. Still, when this book was released, it was on my tbr.

The author has done a good job in creating a pure evil character, but does that do any justice to the stories we have heard from childhood.

Ravana is shown as a blood thirsty monster who drives pleasure out of killing.

Somehow, the author’s interpretation of events doesn’t impress me.

May be because I have always questioned things, and because I know all of us are shades of Gray. I am not the one who follows traditions just because they have been passed on. I do what I feel is right and can be explained.

When Ram left a pregnant Sita to fend for herself and her unborn kids, does he remain all good. Every year during this season, I have felt melancholy in my heart, on the events which might have transpired after Diwali.

It is Sita who as a dutiful wife, leaves all riches to accompany her husband in exile, yet when the time comes for her to be taken care of, it is she who is left alone to take care of herself . It is she who proves her purity of character and her body time and again, and still she bears the burnt of a crime which she did not commit.

We look towards our scriptures when ever something goes wrong in life, yet this very example is when which upsets me everytime.

I am no Sita, and I would never want such a husband who would leave his wife when she needs him most.

Coming back to Amish’s book, contrary to the popular belief that Ravana was a learned man, he is shown in a very poor light. Other than the blood lust, he is shown with all the vices a man can have. At times, I felt as if the author is trying to portray a mentally sick man.

My Rating : ⭐⭐

Do I recommend?

Read it on your own risk!

One response to “Ravana : The enemy of Aryavrta – Amish Tripathi”

  1. This makes me sad. A two star rating for Amish… Maybe sometimes an experiment goes awry and this could be his. But love your honest review. Most would just go gaga when there’s a big name in there!


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