Book Review : Destiny for Love Arranged

Title : Destiny for Love Arranged

Author : Vash karuppa

Genre : Romance

Available on Kindle unlimited

Kindle price : Rs 279

Book Blurb :

All business-no-pleasure CEO of Hotel Empire, Keshavam Industries, Aariyan Ranjan, and successful Oncologist, Varini Iyengar, have known one another for sixteen years. When she last saw him Varini was left completely shattered as Aariyan walked away from their newfound love and out of her life. He was the first man she longed for, the first man she truly desired, and the first and only man she had ever loved. Aariyan had loved her back, but fuelled by uncontrollable demons he abandoned her, ending their love in devastating heartbreak.
In order to seal the deal of a lifetime Aariyan needs a wife. By entering into a temporary marriage, Aariyan gets a made-to-order wife to help him secure his deal, and Varini finds herself shacked up with the love of her life. Love has no place in a business deal, and no one should mix business and pleasure – the lines blur, giving them a one way ticket to a messy disaster.

My Review :

This is the debut novel of Vash Karuppa, who has an interesting South African Indian heritage.

So are her characters second/ third generation Indians living in South Africa.

Does love happen a second time especially with the same person. I believe Vash is a die hard romantic because inspite of all odds, her characters do keep believing in each other.

The story is a bit complex, may be due to the multiple side angles created, but leaves an important message to the readers.

The strength of the story is the strong characters portrayed by her.

Your children are your responsibility. They imbibe what you do and say, so take good care of them. Aariyan has his demons due to such parenting, while Varsh because of the unconditional love and support of her Uncle and Aunty just manages fine, even though she had a difficult early childhood.

The family and friends woven around them is beautiful and full of love and you do fall in love with all of them.

The novel has all ingredients for a good bollywood movie.

Those who love romance, would like this book. Overall an interesting read.

All the best Varsh for your future projects. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review.

My Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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