Why women leave jobs?

What is your biggest fear when you go to work?

However carefree you might sound to be, every female dreads something once she becomes a mother.

When I went back to work after my 6 months of maternity leave, the biggest challenge for me was to overcome the emotional barrier. My mind would be back home with my baby thinking of what he would be doing.

As he grew up and started showing separation anxiety, mornings became harder to cruise. A little older, he started having frequent respiratory infections and would need to be nebulized. A sick child needs comfort of the mother, and it was difficult for me to leave him during such episodes.

Fortunately for me, I always had understanding seniors. Whenever I needed to rush back, they supported me.

Now he is in middle school, and I do have entirely different issues. Unlike many other kids, he’s too impulsive and needs a strict watch or may be a calming influence just to sit on his study table. Did I give up being a working woman? No, I am still trying to manage both the fronts by cutting down on my work hours.

India has got one of the best maternity and child care leave policies in government sector. 6 months maternity leave and 2 years child care leave till your child is 18 years. Very few countries can match this and even US doesn’t has such a benefit when it comes to working woman.

What do women want most when they leave their kids behind?

They want the safety and comfort of the child. The best care after parents is provided by grandparents, and I always tell my son that he was lucky to have his grandmother with him always.

Day care centres at workplaces …esp the onsite day care centres is an important step which can help women continue working and have a relaxed and balanced family and professional life.

Many well-known companies in US like procter and gamble, Johnson and johnson do provide such perks.

Work from home, which is a common concept in IT companies is another concept which can help woman take care of her child as well as keep working.

New Zealand Prime minister Jacinda Ardens gave birth while serving in the office and took 6 weeks maternity leave.She had a remarkable support from her male colleagues as well as family members. Infact she had realized that she was pregnant only 6 days before she took office.

One of Newzealand MPs Tamati Coffey had brought his newborn son to parliament for a debate after returning from paternity leave. Speaker Trevor Mallard fed and cradled the baby in addition to his presiding role. If you Google there are many other countries like Australia, Canada and Iceland where females have brought their babies along in Senate and breastfed.

Such stories inspire and encourage!!

Would like to know what you feel on this topic. Please leave your comments.


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