Outside the window of my Mind !

I’m on my vacation currently, nestled in the lap of nature. The monsoons have given a picturesque appearance to the surrounding hills, and the clouds play hide and seek with the mountains around.

It rained a few hours before, and from the window of my room, I see everything soaked and wet, the greens, flowers, birds, everyone enjoying their love affair with rain.

Sitting and relaxing here, my mind wanders to the thoughts within me. The mirth around feels a part of me, and I am able to shed off the thoughts and let them go with rain and wind.

My mind wanders to what lies within and what lies outside the windows of my mind. I see both the worlds, the good and the bad, both inside me and outside me.

I am not perfect, yet I strive to constantly improve and be a better person.

Outside the window of my mind lies a beautiful world full of love, laughter and happiness. That world is full of goodness, truth, empathy and peace. In that world, everyone treats the other with respect and understanding.

Outside the window of my mind lies an ugly world full of hatred, war, lies and deceit. This world is dark and dangerous. No one feels safe here and each views other with distrust and suspicion.

Both the worlds lie outside my mind, and It is me who has to choose between the dark and the bright, the good and the bad.

I can see both the worlds but I do have the power to choose the world I want to belong.

I could be anything. I could be a Harry Potter whose decisions are based on love, or Voldemort whose motive is evil. I could be a healer or a destroyer.

I could be the source of joy or a source of evil.

Everything starts from within me.

I can’t shut down the windows of my mind, yet I can choose what I let stay inside the niches of my mind. I can choose good over evil, truth over lies, peace over war, courage over cowardice, love over hatred, empathy over indifference, forgiveness over revenge.

We give so much importance to the physical appearance, being lean, having perfect chiselled faces. Yet most of us have never even looked at cleansing our minds.

We have to be mindful of cleansing our minds, not letting the vices stay.

The purpose of Staring out of the windows of mind is not to look outside but to look within. We all feel we know ourselves, but the truth is that very few of us know our own thoughts, our emotions.

Sitting quietly in solitude and staring out of those windows helps us to listen to our inner self.

Which world and which person do you choose to become ?

I am participating in #WordsMatter Blog Hop, hosted by The Frangipani Creative , Shalini, and Parul.
We are 47 participants on board. The Blog Hop is spread over three days ( 2nd to 4th August )
The prompt for this blog was Outside my window.

I received this tag from Vinitha at The void thoughts . It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Geethica at Thoughts by Geethica

15 responses to “Outside the window of my Mind !”

  1. […] This fiction is written as part of the #WordsMatter bloghop organized by Corinne, Shalini, and Parul where 47 of us are coming together to share our musings on the prompt ‘Outside my Window’. I received this tag from Suchita Agarwal at tales of Suchita and it’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Ruchi at The Vagabond. […]

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  2. True, it is on us to choose which world we wish to see.

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  3. Great reflection. Yes, it’s all a matter of choice and pray that we all choose to do and be what is right.
    Enjoy your vacation!

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  4. Windows of mind, you have taken a good take on prompt. Agree that we can’t close windows of mind but can choose what is right, good, positive and needed.

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  5. True! Perception plays a huge role in everyone’s life. It all comes down to how we see, feel and act to situations or choose a path based on those situations.
    It was very good read.

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  6. That’s food for thought. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the power to choose what we want to become? I love that thought. Dumbledore said something similar to Harry.

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  7. What a beautiful trail of reflections you have got here, Ruchi! I completely agree, we can choose what we want to be, which world we want to belong to. There always is a choice. 🙂


  8. Can’t agree more. It’s all about the choices we made.

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  9. Wonderful reflection and a food for thought!!

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  10. Beautiful trail of thoughts! Can’t agree more with you! It’s all about the choices we make. Thanks for participating in the bloghop. Hope you had fun!

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  11. Wow. That’s some deep contemplation borne out of the prompt 🙂 Enjoyed the read, especially the line about being source of joy or evil. I think we are both. We can be one in majority, but not one in completeness.

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  12. Life is all about the choices we make. Some turn out well and some don’t. The definitions of good and bad may be different for different people though. We can only hope that we make the right choices.

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  13. true, cleaning of the mind is just as important. I loved the analogy of Harry Potter. An excellent example of how we perceive the world and behave depending on our thoughts.

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  14. That was thoughtful, Ruchi! Inward reflection is the hardest and you got me thinking. Thank you for joining @WordsMatter. So happy to meet you.

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  15. Very reflective post Ruchi. Its indeed up to each one of us to realise what we want to see in the things around us. Its our inner being that chooses what are world is going to be like


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