40s is Sexy !!

I’ll be 40 in a few months time! I have a few gray hair shinning in my hair line. I have increased my weight by a few pounds and it’s now more and more difficult for me to shed them as my metabolism has slowed down. ( Blame it on my thyroid or the bad habits, I have acquired over the years).

I forget things much more and do not have the sharp memory like my younger self. I no longer party all night and I do have responsibilities to shoulder !

Am I happy?

Absolutely yes!!

I have no qualms about being called an aunty.

I am much more confident and I’m no more the shy girl I was at 16. I am more open about my thoughts and I have no problem expressing them even if they are divergent.

I do not get bothered about what others think, or will think and do whatever I feel makes me happy. I no longer live in the fear of being judged and most importantly I do not judge others. If the ideology matches, I befriend them. However, if views do not match I simply ignore them.

I like the space I’m in.

I learnt swimming at the age of 34! And although I’m still a beginner. I’m no longer shy about saying it.

I learnt cycling at the age of 38! And I’m proud about it.

I learnt driving at 33!

There are still so many skills I don’t know, but I have no ego accepting the fact that I don’t know.

I have made mistakes and I have learnt from them.

I have forgiven those who wronged me and I no longer carry the baggage of past.

I don’t mess with others and ignore those who try to mess with me.

I no longer look for perfection either in me or in others around me.

I am more honest with myself and those around me. I know exactly what I want, be it from me, my work, spouse, family and I do not pressurize myself or others with unnecessary expectations.

I have money and I do take out time for all that matters to me.

I no longer feel the need to straighten my hair because when I look at the mirror, I can appreciate the naive beauty within me.

I can wear a bikini with same comfort as a saree even though I’m curvy! And I don’t absolutely mind what others say ! If it’s ok with me, that’s what matters!!

I have a super sexy loving husband and a loving kid, and I absolutely love both of them.

I don’t mind saying “I am beautiful and sexy!!”

So welcome 40 with a big smile and super attitude !!

4 responses to “40s is Sexy !!”

  1. Cheers to the big four “0”!!!

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    1. Thanks dear. Still a few months to that !


  2. Happy that you are happy. That’s all what matters. Keep smiling, Ruchi! And birthday wishes in advance.

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