Being fit or Being thin ?

One of my earlier posts in July 2016 was about my journey of weight loss.

My experiments with weight loss

I was not an expert then, nor I am today. I had lost weight just on diet, starving myself to look aesthetically better. Over the years, I could not retain the loss and I regained back to weigh a little less than what I was then. However, what I did not lose was the things I learnt in these years.

It is more important to be physically active than just be thin.

I did run many 10k and a single half marathon. I had to stop when I injured my knee last year, and I still I do get some pain. But what I continue doing is brisk walk whenever I get time, yoga ( even though it could be few minutes in the morning), cycling ( that was a skill I managed to learn only last year )

Mental health is as important as physical health.

I have seen so many giving importance to the external looks, but what is important is how you look inside. There is one question my son asks me, “Would you rather be a fat kind lady or a very beautiful cunning lady.” My answer to this has always been, “A fat kind lady.”

I learnt meditation a few years back when I was going through a tough phase in life, and I do endorse it always. A few minutes of silence each day looking inwards, helps one stay calm and happy.

Eat healthy, adopt healthy menus but don’t sham yourself!!

I have been overweight ever since I can remember. Whether I eat less, skip meals or do whatever, I stay the same, and can’t be size zero. So why abuse myself? Will it change the pear shape I have? The answer to all that is no. So I say no to all the fancy diets that land up on my social media pages. As a family, we do try to eat less sweets, include more fruits and veggies in our diet, have a generous amount of protein to keep it balanced and above all, listen to our bodies. Portion size, which our tummies feel comfortable with, and as much as possible don’t overeat.

I am a foodie and I do err, but this is what I try to do most of the times.

Now that I am again overweight, would I go on a diet again?

My answer is “No”.

Yes, I was elated when the weighing machine would show a lower number, but the constant stress of having to maintain me, made me more suspicious of what I ate.

There is so much information on weight loss, that you get confused. Some say, eat after regular intervals, some offer intermittent fasting. Keto puts you on high fat, while GM took you off everything. So yes, I don’t want to indulge in any diets and I’ll stay happy eating whatever I like eating.

Yes, I would keep trying to be fit, to run a 10k again, but I won’t diet ever again.

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