Cooking – A stress buster ?

I am a lazy Blogger. Time and again, I have thought about writing for Women’s web, Momspresso and so. I do it for few days and usually when I don’t get enough feedback I come back to my own niche, my blog. Here, I don’t care if anyone reads it. This is my baby and feedback or not, I’m happy with the way it has been a part of me.

I showcase here, what I feel. If it resonates with even one of my constant readers It gives me satisfaction, while when I write for other channels, I do so with expectations. So for now, busy with so many things, and so many thoughts in my chaotic mind.. I’m penning here.

What do you all do to beat stress?

Blogging, swimming, gymming, music, walk in nature, yoga, meditation.. the list is endless.

Has anyone thought of cooking as a stress buster?

For me, it is.

Usually by the end of my office shift my head is buzzing. There are so many unfinished chores at home awaiting me. Time and again, people have suggested me to get a house help. Yet my crazy mind works it’s own ways.

I’m a soft hearted person. I know if I hire one, I would be the one who would be working and he/ she would just be good for nothing. Believe me, same happens with me at workplace. If someone is not doing there part, I would say a few times and in the end start doing myself.

Well, so as was saying when I return I usually have clothes to be put in washer or hung for drying, Food to be cooked for dinner and next day afternoon, kid has to be made to study, and then some bee bugged me .. so I too have to study.

Out of all these, what calms my mind is cooking. The monotony of cutting onions or vegetables, the aroma of spices, the joy of having created something healthy or tasty for my loved ones soothes me enough to complete the rest of the demanding tasks.

I love to experiment with cooking, and that’s my creativity at best. I am not a great cook, I do admit but the appreciation of my family is what keeps me going.

I get bored with same kind of food, so I try to add variety to what I cook.

My son was a picky eater, so in the long run cooking for him made me realize that everyone likes change. So that’s what I try to do.

By the time my dinner is ready, the days worries are far behind.

Is cooking a stress buster for you too?

Leave your comments 😊

One response to “Cooking – A stress buster ?”

  1. Cooking is a stress buster for me especially if I’m trying something new.

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