Has Capitalism destroyed Family life??

If I compare our lives to our parents generations, we lead much more stressful lives. Coming from a small town, I had always seen everyone return home by 5.30. There was a significance of having evening prayers at 6pm. It was because everyone would be back home. Haven’t we heard time and again,” A family that prays together stays together.”

Fast forward to millennials, or our generation, we work 24X7. Where is the time for that evening prayer?

As a newly wed, I always dreamt of the life I had seen as a child. But over the years, it has become more and more complicated! Convenient someone might say !

These days we get everything 24 * 7! We have supermarkets, hospitals, offices open all the time. Where I live we have metro and bus access till wee hours in the morning, only to start up again before the sun rises. Just a lane away, I have two supermarkets which open 24 hrs a day. The nearby hospitals have 24 hrs OPD. What an easy life! One might think of. Tomorrow we might even have schools which are 24*7 based on parents schedule!

Somehow, I fail to look at it this way. For everything that runs 24*7, where has the family life gone!

To manage these 24 hr services full fledged, we have people who leave their kids, spouses, parents!!

Me and my husband work shifts so that someone out of the two is home with our son. As a result, we see each other only at bedtime. And I know so many families doing the same.

Who pays the price for this? Is it really luxury? An easy life or tougher still ?

Has capitalism destroyed families ?

Leave your views !!

3 responses to “Has Capitalism destroyed Family life??”

  1. Modern life is a mixed blessing, we have never been so safe, healthy or wealthy … but never so busy or stressed either.

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  2. Sachin Gawande Avatar
    Sachin Gawande

    Agreed with you Ruchi..

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