Book Review : Bhumi By Tina Sequeira

Title : Bhumi

Author : Tina Sequeira

Genre : Anthology

Price on Kindle : Rs 49

( Available on Kindle Unlimited )

Before I begin this review, let me just sum up my feelings. I am so proud to be writing review for this book. First, because I’ve been following blog ” The Tina Edit” since last year, and I’m extremely proud of her work. Second, the book sums up all what I and my blog stand for.

Review :

“Bhumi” The name stands for “Mother earth”, the epitome of extreme sacrifice, the essence of womanhood. The book portrays woman in all lights from being the one sacrificing their entire lives ( Bhumi) to the one like Ramona ( Unbridaled ) who live lives on equal terms.

21 stories ! And these are stories about real woman, like you and me, who are human, who have feelings and who are not goddess.

Unlike the screen sirens, these woman have real life problems like body shaming, Infidelity, marital issues. Some have the courage to stand up for themselves while some are weak. You would fall in love with some, you will detest some. However you will identify with each as these are the stories we live and see around as each day.

Fairer Sex, as we are called are humans too.?At one extreme, the society places them on pedestal worshipping them, making them an epitome of extreme sacrifice, and the other extreme is stoning them, calling them dirty when they menstruate or immediate postpartum where they need a purification to this date in many households. The author has rightly touched all such topics, including the rights of female in minorities, which till today are governed by their own messiahs.

For me, Feminism is letting her live as a fellow human being, which the patriarchal society forgets. Woman too are shades of gray, accept them and let them live as they are.

You will fall in love with the strong “Chavvi ( yours ably ), while you will hate Dr Shikha Sharma ( Juxtaposition ).

The book is must read for all females, as these are their stories, also for all males, so that they stop idolising us, and understand us a little more.

Which was my favorite story? I don’t think I can pick anyone. However, Fat chance ( since I’ve always struggled with body shaming ) and Switch ( as it deals with the slow but steady change in patriarchy ) remain the best picks.

The book is written in an easy language. The author has a good command over the subject and the language.

If i am reading a thriller or romance, I will usually finish it in a day. But since these were short stories, I went slow, reading 1 story at a time, giving myself time to assimilate the message author wanted to portray.

The stories are a bold portrayal of the present day Indian female, and leaves a strong message to let us live, the way we are. To stop idolising us and giving us the breathing space as a fellow human being, just like our male counterparts.

Book Blurb :

‘Bhumi,’ a single author anthology is an eclectic collection of 21 short stories. It features real women who breathe and come alive unlike their cookie-cutter counterparts on the celluloid. 

The female protagonists range from the good, bad and ugly. Some of them are brave, independent and strong. You applaud when they overcome their struggle with dignity and grace. You laugh and cry with them because you know and understand them. And, you’ll also wish you’d never cross paths with some of them.

About the author :

Tina Sequeira is an award-winning digital content creator, who has fronted her blog ‘The Tina Edit’ since 2017 . She is the author of ‘Soul Sojourn’ (2017) and ‘Bhumi’ (2018). Soul Sojourn tops the ‘Best Ebooks Ever 2017’ on Goodreads.

Her articles are regularly featured on India’s leading online platforms like YouthKiAwaaz, Momspresso, Women’s Web, Blogchatter, Indiblogger, etc.

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