How to convert your A2Z Blogposts to Ebook?

Congratulations to all those who are taking the next step towards Ebook.

Blogchatter community is a great help in making your journey from A BLOGGER to AN AUTHOR.

First of all, you must already must be reeling from the pressure of A2Z Challenge. Well, the first part of exam is over. So take a day break and unwind. Switch off social media for a day. That’s the best way to relax.

Now, align your posts in the way you would like them to read. You may want to change the sequence or not but there is no hard and fast rule to follow the A2Z, however if it’s a continuity like fiction novella you will have to. But for short stories, travel, align them where you find more meaning.

You can easily copy paste posts and take them on Word for easy formatting. Once copy paste is done, start reading them, and make changes as required. One read won’t be enough. You will find mistakes every time you read them. So be ready to read again and again. Proof reading as they say. Spell check is must.

Once you are confident that you don’t have any changes to make starts formatting. Choose the font which is reader friendly. Too fancy fonts usually do not go well, so go for basics. Arial, Times new Roman, Garamond, century are easy to read. Font size 12 is ok for text, and headings could be 14 -18.

Line spacing

Paragraph spacing.

Space check between the words.

Finally you will need to add header, footer, page numbers.

Word gives you good option to add Table of contents. If you click on References, you get an option of Table of contents. You can customize as per your choice.

The body is now ready.

You will need to add

A fancy title to catch the readers imagination.

Book Blurb

Acknowledgments ( if you want to acknowledge someone )

A cover page

An introduction about you.

I had designed my cover page for ebook on Canva. You can create one Here

Arrange these, cover page , leave a blank page, acknowledgments, contents, book. Author page can go to last.

Convert it into PDF.

Do keep word document in case you plan to take to kindle. As for kindle you have to take it via kindle create.

Voila ! The book is ready.

Please feel free to reach me for queries on my Facebook page The Vagabond ( @ruchichopranasa) or Twitter (@RuchiNasa)

3 responses to “How to convert your A2Z Blogposts to Ebook?”

  1. What do we do after the ebook is created? How are we supposed to market it?


  2. I print my blog yearly using blog2print. It works pretty well slurping your blog all by itself. I have a post on my page of my experiences.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I would go through that


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