Ma knows !!

The melody was playing in my mind, yet I could not remember the lyrics. I remembered the time when it used to be on my loop, not because I loved it but for the reason that it was the hit chart of the year, and every cool girl loved it. Atleast, that’s what they claimed.

The music was catchy, but the lyrics were just stupid. Yet, we would sway our hips every time the number would play.

Wasn’t it the same song that had got me and Shiv together?

That club we had gone on my birthday. Ah! Now I couldn’t even remember the name of the club!

So this club we had gone on my birthday. Me and my cool gang. What stupid things we did then ? I had got pierced my tummy button ( and would keep it hidden at home, or else Ma would have shouted ) got a tattoo on my shoulder ( Ma didn’t know of that too).

Well, coming back to my birthday. I had taken Rs 1000 from Dad, telling we would have dinner.

Ma was shouting in background. “You are spoiling this girl. You don’t know what she will do?”

I was frowning. Looking at my face, Dad had given me a peck on my face, “Don’t bother about her. She worries a lot.”

We did not go to dinner. We went to the coolest pub and drank and partied all night. And this song would be on repeat till we were dead tired.

Shiv had sat there looking at drunk me with a tattoo and a tummy pin dancing like crazy. He had followed till we were safe in Ria’s house.

Had he proposed then ?

No, he wouldn’t have ever.

We had seen him staring and following us for an year. All my friends would tease me. I would smile and wonder if he would ever.

Why should I go and ask? If he doesn’t have guts, why should I? We played cat and mouse, till Ria had played the match maker.

“What are you smiling at?” My 18 year old daughter was staring at me.

“Nothing, was thinking of that song. Can’t remember the lyrics!”

“Ah, the same one!” I looked at her puzzled.

“Nani told me when I went this time. How you would listen to that song, and change if she was around.”

“Also that you had your belly button pierced, and a tattoo over your shoulder, and how she acted ignorant knowing that you drank crazy on your 18th birthday.”

Ma knew !!!

“Ma, can I come a little late today. I have to finish the notes. I’ll be at Sneha house.”

I smiled looking at my darling nodding at her excuse. She was in her best dress and matching lipstick. I knew she would be seeing movie with the boy she was dating. “Thought mom does not know password, just like I had thought mom did not know.”

This short story is dedicated to all the mothers.

Happy Mothers Day in advance!

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